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Younger workers are more disinclined to return to their work place in full-time

Due to the current shortage of staff across many industries because due to the pandemic younger employees are less likely than older colleagues to return to the work place full-time, as employers try to encourage employees to return to office work, according to according to the ADP(r) Research Institute’s People at Work 2022 Global Workforce Perspectivereveals.

Based on the results of the survey of nearly 1,400 workers aged 18+ almost two-thirds (63 percent) of those aged 18-24 and one-in-six (61 percent) of those aged 25-34 years old would look into a job if their employer demanded on returning full-time to the workplace, as opposed with 47% in those in the 45-54 year olds.

Over half of people in the UK workforce (59 percent) are currently or may be seeking a new job if their employer required that they had to come in to the workplace each day.

The report explores the employees’ views on the current workplace and the future of work, as well as what they anticipate and hope for in the workplace of the future.

Sirsha Haldar General Manager of ADP UK, Ireland & South Africa, comments: “Throughout the Covid-19 outbreak the question of whether employees are compelled or asked to return to their jobs when they aren’t required to have to has brought about controversy. It could be a crucial issue, which could lead to an exit decision.”

“Whether this reluctance is due to health worries or other causes would be worth investigating before employers make any firm decisions, in order to alleviate any concerns and find a way forward that suits both the business and staff.”

“This will worry managers who know how especially important it is for young people to be surrounded by peers and superiors to learn and gain experience and create networks early on in their careers.” loyalty between employers and staff.”



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