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Where to Buy Women Wholesale Clothing?

Do we not all want to own all the adorable Instagram outfits that are featured on our feeds without becoming broken? We are the only experts can reach this point in our shopping experience; we reach wholesale shops for women’s clothes!

You can trust me when I tell you that this is the region that is left unexplored by the majority and you’re blessed to find Shewin wholesale. I’m going to break it down to make it easy for you. Let’s go to it.

Table of Contents

  • Is SHEWIN Wholesale Legit?
  • Styles
  • Size and Fit
  • Reviews/ Quality
    • 1. Prom Party Surplice Neck Thigh Split Bodycon Midi Dress
    • 2. High Waist Plaid Mini Skirt
    • 3. Yellow V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Smocked Floral Dress
  • Shipping
    • a). Delivery Duration
    • b). Customer Service/Return Policy
  • All thoughts and Tips

Is SHEWIN Wholesale Legit?

It’s a surprise that it’s not a fraud! It’s a legitimate brand offering authentic clothes and delivering the items to your residence. I was also skeptical when I visited the website and saw kinds of amazing clothes and at a fraction of what I typically pay in other brands.

I thought the quality and size would be awful, in the event that I receive my package, however the price made me take a shot. It’s definitely not as well-known with others, e.g. Boohoo, MissGuided, etc. that can leave us doubt our assumptions.

Let’s decide if you should check out the items on your shopping cart following the conclusion of this Shewin wholesale review, or not.


SHEWIN Wholesale’s website has an array of clothing with a variety of styles. Be it formal, casual and loungewear, lingerie, swimmingwear, sportswear, cardigans or sweaters, all the other things you could think of. The latest fashions in clothing are also available. go to “Hot Trends”.

Shewin offers some gorgeous Plus Size dresses as well but the inclusion of models with this physique would have been more appealing to a broad range of women, including me. It’s easier to imagine what the dress will appear on me.

Its search filtering options on the SHEWIN Wholesale site are something I’d prefer on every website of a brand. Search filters with various sleeve lengths made the site more accessible for me. I was unable to find it on any of the competitors’ websites. Subcategories like casual, sexy and cute got me happy that I don’t need to look for everything individually however I’m disappointed.

It wasn’t updated and I found only three spaghetti silk tops within the Sexy category. There were many more similar to the Prom bodycon for the party, Prom deep v-neck drawstring bodycon, and just about everything else that pops up when you type in the word “Prom”. To say that I am awestruck at these dresses is an overstatement! Look it up, and be sure to thank me in the future.

Size and Fit

I’ve been mostly satisfied with the quality of my clothing However, there are a few instances of dissatisfaction. I purchase my clothes based on the size chart on the site; it calculates your measurements after you input the measurements, and it has nearly always been successful for me. I am a heavy woman. I ordered a larger size but the length was too long. Again, the lack of sizes for plus-sized women is an issue for me.

Apart from that you can be sure your clothing will conform to the size.

Reviews/ Quality

The next step is here to read my candid Shewin Wholesale reviews. I’m guilty of buying several items from the site and will be candid about the experience.

1. Prom Party Surplice Neck Thigh Split Bodycon Midi Dress

It’s my all-time favorite. It is perfect for me and is shaped just the way I like it. The material is extremely high-endand is amazing for a dress that costs $22. Also, it has an option to wear black. Overall, it’s my preferred dress for any formal event, and I no longer have to spend more than $100 to appear elegant and classy. Apart from that I also ordered two more prom dresses in the size medium and both were exactly as they appeared as well.

2. High Waist Plaid Mini Skirt

A gorgeous skirt that fits my body in a perfect way. It feels so expensive and it’s hard to imagine it costing only $9. But you’ll need to be cautious when considering the length of mini-skirts since this one is too small even for a thin person. Apart from that button seams are sewn with a lot of force as well and don’t appear like they’re likely to disappear anytime soon.

3. Yellow V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Smocked Floral Dress

A colorful and flowing dress is the perfect thing to wear during hot summer days. I absolutely love the designwith the elastic sleeves and waist gives the perfect touch of cuteness to the dress. I can tell it’s top quality as the fabric retains its softness after several washes in the wash machine. The color did not fade and the elasticity remains identical.


a). Delivery Duration

The time to ship the wholesale women’s clothes is affordable. It usually takes between 1 2 weeks but sometimes it’s even delivered my clothes in just 10 days.

b). Customer Service/Return Policy

The customer service reps are accommodating and responsive. The website offers four methods of getting in touch with them on their home page. But, returns could be difficult because of the pandemic. The item will need to be repaired by China this is an lengthy process. Additional shipping costs are also included. I am not a fan of these kinds of situations and I never had my jeans exchanged.

General thoughts and advice

If you’ve reached this section you’ve probably decided your choice. The most important elements were discussed within the SHEWIN Wholesale review and it’s no surprise that I’ve been a huge fan of this clothing company for women. The affordable prices, top quality and an amazing selection of clothes are a win-win for everyone.

SHEWIN Wholesale, although not well-known in the marketplace as of yet, is the top one women’s wholesale brand of the future, according to me. The perfect fit for your budget and fashion. I don’t like to buy identical clothes due to a brand’s image, when I could get an entire wardrobe redesigned with the same cost.

However, the choice is yours to make! Happy Shopping!



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