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What is Web Conferencing? Benefits & Features

Web conferencing is an important tool that can be used for a variety of purposes and is best known for setting an effective communication mode. Your business model can easily adopt the web conferencing technology and can make the conversion with your clients, investors, and internal meetings regardless of location. Since global companies and events now all other companies have to work as a hybrid model to save cost and increase productivity, it’s been necessary to look for a sustainable solution. Hybrid meeting platforms and the rising demand for video conferencing are both working positively to reduce the need for travel as now you can have meetings sitting from the comfort of your office with anyone globally. 

The best part about video conferencing technology is that it is as effective as physical meetings. Besides the very fact that it is an important part of the business and organization to look into it. We have concluded some of the top benefits of web conferencing. But before that lets understand the basics of what exactly web conferencing is.

What is Web Conferencing?

Any online gathering with two or more participants who are in separate locations is considered a web conference.

Anywhere in the world could be one of these participants. They can see, hear, and speak to each other in real-time if they have a strong internet connection and conferencing software.

What is the Difference Between Video and Web Conferencing

It happens frequently for people to mistakenly believe that web conferencing and video conferencing are the same things. However, there is actually a significant distinction between the two names. Sharing web-based content is made possible by web conferencing, a word that is frequently used to refer to a variety of meeting setups.

One of these options is video conferencing: As the name implies, it is the technology that permits real-time video (and audio) exchange.

Benefits and Features of Web Conferencing

Here we have concluded the top benefits of this technology and its quite important features. See which ones can be helpful for your organization and business. 

Communicating Verbally and Visually

A business can efficiently combine the benefits of a live video feed with a typical phone call with a hybrid conference platform. During the online conference, it also offers the option for IM (instant messaging) chats. It follows that you can type, text, and speak with other conference attendees. You can retrieve any essential files directly from your desktop and share them in real time with other conference attendees if you have immediate access to the Internet.

Reduce Travel and Expense

Traveling, whether internal or outside, is always financially costly to your company. Constantly having to pay for travel, lodging, and parking fees can deplete finances and resources. Additionally, you may be without a key employee for days if they have to travel for work. Travel is unnecessary less often with web conferencing. Meetings that are personal or face-to-face can be held online with participants from all around the world. Traffic congestion, airport delays, and flight cancellations will no longer be acceptable justifications for skipping conferences and meetings.

Locally, web conferencing is advantageous since it makes it possible to telecommute from home. You may work from home while still having online meetings with your coworkers, clients, and superiors. This can shorten commute times, lower office expenses as more people work from home, and boost productivity as, for example, a staff member with a sick child may be able to attend an important meeting even if he has stayed at home for the day.

File Sharing

You can share and edit practically any kind of programme or document during a web conference. You can quickly browse over a spreadsheet with your accounting manager or share a word processing document with your boss, for instance. If approved, any participant may, at any time, make changes to these documents. Additionally, you can see and distribute programmes, presentations, and other materials to all attendees. You even have the choice to let other participants in web conferences view your PC remotely. Participants in web conferences can effortlessly manipulate files and documents thanks to this useful function. By removing the need to perform revisions via email and having to send them back and forth constantly, it streamlines document management. With the advent of real-time editing, participants can now discuss changes in a live video feed.

Key features of Web Conferencing

  • High-Quality Video
  • Integrated Audio Options
  • Meeting Recording
  • Meeting Notes
  • Group and Private Chat Features
  • Active Talk Indicator
  • Screen Annotation and Sharing

Makes Work More Efficient

Typically, scheduling meetings requires more effort than merely inviting or requiring attendees. If you’re the host, you’ll need to reserve a conference room, create the schedule, and possibly order catering in addition to other things. Due to the fact that web conferencing does away with all of these booking requirements, organizing a meeting is quicker and simpler than doing it in person.


When the individuals you need to meet with are not nearby, it might be challenging to have an impromptu meeting. Online meetings provide you with greater flexibility. It is customary to telephone or send an email to invite participants to a web conference. The meeting can begin as soon as participants log into the web conference system.

Heightens Engagement

The host of a web conference can also upload slides and other graphics. The auditory and visual components of hosting a web conference contribute to the format’s ability to raise conference attendees’ level of involvement. 

Eliminate Geographic Constraints

Web conferencing removes all geographical restrictions because anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can participate. Web conferencing makes it possible to communicate with clients and staff anywhere in the world.

These are some of the crucial benefits that are surely convincing the world to use hybrid conference platforms for meetings and all. If you are struggling in finding the best meeting solution then it’s the end of your search as we conference the best solution you can rely on. Hope you enjoy reading this blog, if you do so don’t forget to share this with your professional friends, colleagues and relatives. 



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