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What Do You Know About CBD Skincare Products?

Innovative and practical uses of CBD-based products are now more common. The FDA bans all health and beauty recommendations for CBD products or packaging. Lindsay Holhaus, founder of Plain Jane, shares what it’s like to be a female founder within this rapidly growing industry. She also explains how Plain Jane is different.

You hear so much about CBD and Beauty. What can you tell us about CBD’s effects on beauty like inflammation, smoothing skin texture and firmness?

Companies are not permitted to include recommendations on packaging due to FDA’s position regarding hemp-derived cannabinoids. We do know that the endocannabinoid system plays a part in controlling metabolism. The skin, which is the largest organ in the body, has a complex active endocannabinoid system and plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Although research is ongoing, it is believed that cannabinoids may have properties that help heal the skin faster, reduce the growth of bacteria, fungus, or soothe discomfort.

Research suggests that topically applying cannabinoids may be beneficial for a number of skin conditions. This may make the skin, muscles and connective tissues firmer. Plain Jane has created a variety of topical products that contain CBD and other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. These creams, oils, oils, and salves are infused with rich creams, lotions and oils containing CBD. These cannabinoids contain antioxidants that may reduce inflammation.

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Plain Jane was founded in 2018 by Lindsay Holhaus. PLAIN JAN

What information can you share about women working in the THC/CBD industry? Do you have the right opportunities?

Women have never had the same access or wealth as men in history. Access to capital is not as important in the CBD sector because there are few marketing avenues and it doesn’t cost the same amount of licensing fees for THC. This makes the CBD industry an equalizer as companies can succeed solely on their product and branding.

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Despite this, we have had all the opportunities that we needed from men. Every single person we met when we set out to find investors and buyers for the company was a man. Because the investment market is still dominated by men, there weren’t many opportunities for women who wanted to help us.

Please tell me more about Plain Jane’s founders. How did you all come together to create this brand.

Plain Jane was started by two young men from MIT who were friends. We thought that selling CBD online and outside the dispensary would be a better option. I became a partner in 2018.

There were few options for CBD at a low price. This was because companies that jumped in early could charge whatever prices they liked because there wasn’t much competition. We realized that charging what we wanted was not sustainable and decided to charge less so we could keep more customers over the long-term.

As competition has increased, prices have fallen significantly. We’ve also seen brands fail or have to drastically reduce their prices as the market changed. After becoming a founder, the company grew and was sold to Industrial Hemp Farms in 2020. Gus Hanger and Joseph Pham are the owners of Industrial Hemp Farms. They have established themselves as leaders in the hemp flower business.

What makes Plain Jane different than other brands? What is the most memorable thing about Plain Jane?

Our authenticity is what I believe makes our brand different from other brands. We’re not perfect and don’t have luxury packaging. We didn’t have to raise a lot of money or be famous to get the company started. We have a great product, bright packaging and consistent customer service. Our products are sold almost exclusively online, which allows us to keep our prices low and reduce the capital required to compete in retail. Execution is everything, and this brand excelled in that area.

This authenticity and the impact it has had on people is what I am most proud of. It’s something I have seen in political campaigns. I believe it is similar when marketing to customers. How can you connect with your target audience? How can you motivate them to choose your company over another?

Where was your product sourced from?

We almost exclusively work with small, local farmers. We buy the product in small batches so that it is of the highest quality and still offers lower prices for our customers. We purchase mainly from Oregon farmers, but we also have relationships with Colorado farmers and Hawaii farmers. We tried at one time to grow and vertically integrate our own product, but quickly realized that marketing was more important than what we were good at.

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Thanks To My Queerness, I Am…

Giovanny GarzonBrand Contributor

Paid Program

Jun 29, 2022,09:00am EDT

When I was thirteen years old, I wrote a loving letter to my middle school boyfriend …). I kept it in a pair white tube socks that had not seen the sun for a while. When I returned from school, my mom was sitting at the kitchen counter. She pulled out a folded piece of paper from her pocket and set it on the table. Although I have fallen and broken my wrist and had tires blow off on the highway, and nearly drowned at Ormond beach, all those experiences feel much more peaceful than the panic and fear that consumed me that day.

My expectations of me coming out were not met by the reality of my circumstances. It didn’t go as I expected and it certainly didn’t give me the warm embrace that I hoped for. At that point in my life, I did not have the emotional intelligence, vocabulary, or life experience to tell my mom that there was nothing wrong with me. Now I realize that I shouldn’t have to tell my mom and anyone else that I was fine. Nobody should have to.

“I thought that I was a normal child. “GIOVANNY GARZON

I believed I was a normal child up until that afternoon. I used to go to the pond to help the ducks, teach my dad Yu-Gi-Oh rules (unsuccessfully), and watch Totally Spies when it was on. When the folded paper touched the table, I realized that not everyone believed people like me were normal. In my teenage years, I felt a lot of shame and pain around my identity. For a long time I did not have anyone who understood me or could relate to my feelings. My identity, which I tried to ignore, became a burden on my shoulders from those who don’t mind their own business and allow people to be themselves. I’m proud to say that ten years later I can live my life unassisted and free. However, I would be lying if it didn’t bother me to mention that I still feel the pain and shame of my childhood.

It is difficult to be queer. As I become more myself, I am able to remember my negative feelings and learn from them. I also appreciate the blessings they have given me.

Orlando Pride 2018: Gio (center left), and his friends.GIOVANNY GARZON

Being queer has been an incredible source of strength and joy for me. It’s given me so many opportunities that I never thought possible. My queerness has allowed me to:

  • Beautiful community of queer friends, loved ones, and people who love me unconditionally (I love you all 3)
  • I have a unique sense of resilience which has allowed me to stand strong in my identity, and values.
  • I have a level of self-introspection that can be really frustrating at times, but it has helped me get to know myself better every day.
  • A perfect taste in music and a connection with female pop singers that can only be understood by a gay person
  • True authenticity is something that hateful people will never have, and I feel sorry for them.

Pride is more than rainbow flags or corporate emails yelling, “Hi Gay, Happy Pride month!” Pride Month celebrates the triumphs over adversity that we all have to overcome. Pride Month is a time to recognize the courageous queer trailblazers who gave up so much and sometimes everything to advance our rights here in the United States and around the world. Pride Month reminds us to support and care for one another, even though there are many who face injustice and disproportionate discrimination, particularly Black trans women, the most marginalized in our community. Pride month is our collective solidarity in making this world a better place.

Everyone, Happy Pride Month! Here’s to being their true selves every day!

“Being queer has been an incredible source of strength for me.” “TRULY ME” BY

Giovanny Garzon

Giovanny Garzon (he/they), is a first-gen, immigrant and queer 2021 graduate of the University of Central… Continue reading

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