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Wesley Financial Group Reviews & Ratings

Are you unhappy with your timeshare? Are you looking for a way out? Your answer might be yes! Right? During the timeshare purchase, you thought it was good to invest money in a timeshare property, luxury vacation place, etc.  

However, when you get familiar with the reality of timeshare, the only option is to hire a timeshare exit company. True? The high maintenance fee no longer meets your needs; whatever the reason, you want to eliminate the timeshare from your life at any cost.  

So, to help you with timeshare exit, this post provides good insight into Wesley Financial Group reviews.   

Who is Wesley Financial Group? 

Like every timeshare exit company Wesley Financial Group is also the best timeshare cancellation company. It aims to cancel the timeshare contract within the given time legally and permanently. Usually, the company cancels the timeshare within 12-24 months. However, it also depends on the case type; some cases require extra time in the termination process. The company has offices in Franklin, Tennessee, Nashville, and Las Vegas. In addition, Wesley started providing its services in 2012.   

Reasons to Hire the Company 

There are so many companies located in the market, then why choose Wesley Financial Group? Because of this fact, Wesley Financial Group offers many fantastic services to consumers. These services include a money-back guarantee, excellent client service, highly reputable staff, and more. Let’s have a glance over their services! 

Money-Back Guarantee  

As Wesley financial group offers a 100% money-back guarantee, it works as a form of assurance that the company cancels the contract. But what if Wesley is unable to cancel the contract? In that case, the company will refund its clients a 100% money-back guarantee. It also works as a form of assurance that the Wesley Financial Group will definitely cancel the timeshare contract. 

Amazing Client Service 

Another reason to hire the Wesley Group is their fantastic client service. Even the company has well-reputed and polite staff. As soon as you’re welcomed as an active client, they’ll provide you with lots of information about the timeshare cancellation process. Moreover, the company has experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are highly committed to canceling the timeshare contract without any hassles. 

Reputable Staff 

Instead of using attorneys for a timeshare cancellation, Wesley leverages its highly reputable and experienced employees. The staff of the company works tirelessly to get the best results for the timeshare cancellation. They even prepare the best strategy for the clients so that they can eliminate the contract without any problem.   

Reviews of Wesley Financial Group 

Wesley Financial Group is on many social media and third-party rating sites like Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, Google, and Yelp. On Better Business Bureau’s page, the company is graded as A+ based on the review given by the previous clients. The company has had 27 complaints in the last 12 months and 80 complaints over the previous 3 years. 

Over the Trustpilot, the company has very impressive ratings. Trustpilot rated the company 4.7 stars based on the 1,110 reviews given by the previous clients. Another well-known rating platform “Google” rated the company based on previous client reviews. The company has got 4.5 stars based on 842 reviews. 

Lastly, the Yelp ratings of the company are disappointing. Yelp rated the company 1.5 stars based on 11 reviews.  


In conclusion, if you want to terminate your timeshare contract. You can hire the Wesley Financial Group, but you must be careful about the hiring process. It’s because the company is selective in accepting different timeshare contracts. So, it would be best to carry all your timeshare documents, including recent bills, purchase documents, and other necessary papers. Even the Wesley Financial Group reviews show that the company can cancel the contract within the deadline. 

Exit your timeshare without any worries! 



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