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The International Day of Women and Girls in Science. In many countries there are no longer boys performing science experiments in one school while girls learn cooking and sew in a different one are over, but the gap in STEM (science maths, technology, science engineering) continues in other ways since women working in science are not given as much funding, are not represented in certain of the most modern fields, and are also less likely to have career paths.

women are all the time been engaged in science however, they have been in the dust.

There is no shortage of women who have forged the boundaries of science and society. Rosalind Franklin was a key contributor to discovering the structure and function of DNA. Katherine Johnson’s calculations were crucial in NASA beginning its first spacecrafts with crews. Alice Augusta Ball developed a cure for leprosy at the age of 23. was only 23 years old. She she was also the first African American and first woman to become an instructor in the University of Hawaii.

While these women – as well as those who didn’t get into the history books – prove to us that women are able and ought to actively participate in science, the data shows us that we’ve got much to do. In some of the most exciting fields like artificial intelligence, only one of 5 professionals are female and, despite the dire demand for skilled STEM professionals as we move into in the fourth industrial revolution women comprise just 28percent of engineers graduate and 40 percent of computer science graduate. If women are able to get into STEM fields but they’re still likely to earn less, have less publications and enjoy a less enlightened career.

Caroline Waterlow, NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson and Ezra Edelman at the 89th Annual Academy Awards, Los Angeles | Featureflash Photo Agency

The issue isn’t limited to the lack of representation of females in the science world, but also at the end of the spectrum in STEM (everything from seatbelts and medicines to the endlessly long queues for toilets) women’s and girls’ experiences and requirements are frequently overlooked: the side effects that are more typically associated with women aren’t uncovered in clinical studies or crash test dummies. They are made using men as their model and plumbing regulations created by males have led to public spaces where women are forced to wait for the toilet longer than male counterparts. While this might appear like a minor issue however, the reality is that women are twice more likely to suffer adverse reactions to medicines that weren’t created with women with their needs in mind. They are also they are also more than likely injured in car crashes and seatbelts that don’t protect the wearer.

STEM Heroines

How do we fix this shocking disparity? Institutions of higher learning, governments and pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, all industries, must ensure that girls and women benefit as well as change agents.

Women are needed to be at the cutting edge of research such as Professor Dr. Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green who are the most prominent researchers who developed The Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. We must support amazing pioneers such as Judit the Giro who developed an at-home test kit that detects breast cancer. As Alice Augusta Ball, Judith was just 23 when she took on the challenges of a serious cancer. There are brilliant women who have an interest in everything maths and science such as Dr. Imafidon and Dr. Imafidon to be brought to the limelight to let girls in school can see that there is a niche for women in STEM fields.

Women in Science are the most important factor in achieving those Global Goals

With complete participation and access to science will we be able to ensure that girls and women can both benefit from and contribute to the change this field must undergo to become fully accessible and representative of all scientific knowledge is integral to our lives, from foods we eat to the medications we take, and the transportation we use. To meet all of goals of the Global Goals – from eliminating hunger and diseases, to ensuring that every person has clean drinking water to connecting everyone to clean power while also halting the climate crisis, we need the top scientists that we can find and we require these minds now, both women and men.



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