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We are bringing Swiss CBD product to UK Industry

CBD products have gained popularity over the last few years. People are beginning to appreciate the quality and transparency of their CBD products.

We talked to the CEO and founder of the Swiss-based CBD company to learn the process of starting the CBD firm in Switzerland and later expanding into the growing UK market.

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What exactly can CBD assist in?

As per Jan Bo Timming, who is the CEO and founder of Swiss Original Cannabis, CBD is a natural benefit for all types of people, particularly those suffering from pain or lead life-styles that are active.

“CBD helps with chronic pain in muscles and joints – it counteracts stiffness in the body and, most importantly, it shortens the recovery time so that you can train and exercise longer”.

What makes Switzerland an ideal location of CBD business?

Jan was able to make the decision to relocate to Switzerland due to the immense potential that CBD offered for the CBD business, but this was only when he became aware of CBD himself.

It was a car crash in 2016 that sparked his fascination with CBD and that was the foundation of Swiss Original Cannabis.

“I suffered a severe whiplash, and I was unable to take the prescription from the doctor for morphine. This led me to search for a natural alternative that had less adverse consequences. This is how I discovered CBD” Explains Jan who discovered CBD oil to be CBD oil the most natural alternative to painkillers he was not getting.

“From there, my curiosity started to grow. I purchased books on CBD and medical cannabis , and I spent many nights and days watching video clips from Youtube along with other websites” Jan.

He goes on to say: “From my research, it dawned on me that Switzerland is Europe’s new Silicon Valley for CBD which is why I decided to move to Switzerland.

What is the value of customers’ what they value in their UK market?

Swiss Original Cannabis is one of the top manufacturers on the UK market that creates and sells nutritional supplements as well as products for skincare that contain CBD.

It was logical to Swiss Original Cannabis to enter the UK market following the establishment of the base in Switzerland According to the Cannabis Trade Association, Europe’s CBD market is valued at PS480 million and the UK holding the highest portion of the market of PS110 million.

Jan believes that due to an expanding marketplace, UK buyers have become selective “From my experience, UK consumers are very like other people in Europe They value transparency, quality and quality information. They also have a strong emphasis on wellbeing and health and this is in line with our mission statement: Get well, not over.”

He adds, “As a business who is now operating as a leading CBD brand in the UK, the fact that we produce, test and package all of our products.

How do you use CBD?

“It is always the best practice to begin with as low an amount as you can and gradually increase it in a continuous manner because the amount you require will depend on the person. That’s why it’s essential to choose the appropriate dosage that is suitable for your body’s needs and specific requirements” Jan.

What’s the reason behind managing the CBD company?

“It drives me to see and hear all the stories from people who get the joy of life back through a drug-free life with the help of a natural dietary supplement!”.



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