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UK Cyber Crime Body urges businesses to be prepared for the long-term over Russian Conflict

As they released new guidance to support staff resilience, cyber security experts urged UK organizations to be prepared for a prolonged period of increased threat due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part GCHQ, is providing guidance. This latest intervention continues a series that began in January. It provides advice to assist organisations in strengthening their cyber defenses to respond to the changing situation in Ukraine.

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It outlines eight steps to maintain a stronger position when systems, processes, and the workforce are under pressure. The focus is on staff welfare as a direct contributor in maintaining an organisation’s resilience.

The NCSC continues to assess the cyber threat to the UK from the conflict. Organisations are advised to remain vigilant and to refer to the new guidance for long-term resilience.

Paul Maddinson is the Director of National Resilience and Strategy at the NCSC. He stated: “From the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine we have been asking organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses to keep the UK safe, and many have.”

“We have created new guidance to assist organisations in doing this. I encourage them to follow our advice for a stronger cyber posture.”

This guidance can be used for any sustained cyber threat, even one that arises from the events in Ukraine. This blog post explains how the advice applies to the current geopolitical environment.

The report states that cyber security staff working for longer periods of time may experience increased workloads, which can lead to decreased productivity and a rise in dangerous behaviours.



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