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Turkey earthquake: Israel returns antique Jewish scrolls taken from Antakya

Israeli salvage laborers shipped off seismic tremor hit Turkey have returned a 200-year-old Jewish original copy, with an objection emitting about whether it ought to have been removed from the country in any case.

Israel dispatched a group of search-and-salvage laborers comprised of workers and military staff to help Turkey after two calamatous tremors struck two weeks prior, a debacle that has killed no less than 41,000 in the nation and another 4,000 in Syria.

The ZAKA salvage mission burned through six days in southern Turkey. Among the spots it offered help was Hatay, which has an old Jewish people group. The top of Antakya’s Jewish people group in Turkey, Saul Cenudioglu, and his better half Fortuna were tracked down dead in the remains of their home on 10 February by Israeli salvage laborers.

At the point when the Israeli group got back on Thursday, it took two collectible looks of the Book of Esther that had been put away in Antakya’s gathering place, which was annihilated in the tremor.

As per the Israeli media, an old man from Turkey’s Jewish people group moved toward the ZAKA salvage mission offering the looks for care. Fresh insight about the parchments being taken from Turkey were first detailed in the Israeli press.

“The last top of our local area has now unfortunately passed and with our vicinity to Syria, I’d would rather not see the parchments fall in some unacceptable hands. Kindly watchman them and ensure our local area is recollected,” the Israeli military authority that took the parchment cited the Jewish man as saying.

‘The Esther Parchments were given to the Israelis by the family for supervision, and at the main open door it was returned’

  • Rabbi Mendy Chitrik

In any case, the response on Turkish virtual entertainment immediately became threatening, with discontent thundering over the course of the end of the week in spite of the parchments being returned on Friday. The evacuation of the texts tap into longstanding apprehensions that authentic things have recently been plundered from the nation in the midst of emergency, for example during the Ottoman time frame.

The Turkish Boss Rabbinate Establishment immediately endeavored to control fears by resolving the issue on Twitter and guaranteeing that the parchments are in its control.

“The pertinent Esther scroll was gotten from Israel and is kept in our Main Rabbinate. [The scroll] will get back to its home in Antakya after the remodel of our temple,” it tweeted on Friday.

Under Turkish regulation it is illegal for relics or curios of significant verifiable worth over extremely old to be taken abroad.

The Book of Esther shapes a significant authentic record for Turkey’s Jewish people group.

“The Esther Parchments were given to them [the Israeli military] by the family for care, and at the primary open door it was returned,” the head of Turkey’s Ashkenazi Jewish people group, Rabbi Mendy Chitrik, told Center East Eye.

“The Esther Parchments don’t have a similar sacredness as Torah scrolls. They are private property of people,” said Chitrik, adding: “Strict individuals for the most part give it to a youngster when he becomes 13. My children all have [them]. The entire situation is a non-issue.”



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