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Trump chooses new acting director of national intelligence

Trump President Donald Trump on Thursday named Joseph Maguire, the top US counterterrorism official Dan Coats’ replacement in the agency that supervises the 17 agencies that spy on Americans. On the same day, the director of national intelligence deputy Sue Gordon quit.

US The president of the United States Donald Trump on Thursday named Joseph Maguire, the nation’s most senior counterterrorism official, as the acting director of national intelligence, part of a leadership change within the intelligence agency that manages seventeen spy organizations.

Maguire will take over as acting director starting on the 15th of August 15th on the same day National Intelligence Director Dan Coats his resignation is effective. The same day the deputy director of national intelligence Sue Gordon will be walking out of the office.

Democrats have accused Trump of sending out two dedicated intelligence experts.

It’s not known what Trump who has had an uneasy relationship with intelligence agencies since he assumed office, will nominate Maguire to replace Coats.

Coincides coincides departure of Dan Coats. The new acting Director for National Intelligence will be named in the near future.

Following the announcement that Coats announced his resignation late last month the president named Texas GOP Rep. However, Ratcliffe was removed from consideration after only five days, amid criticism of his lack of intelligence expertise and the qualifications required for the position.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is turbulent since Coats who had been bumping the elbows of Trump in the in the month of July that he was retiring as of the 15th of August.

On Wednesday, Gordon, who has worked in the intelligence industry for more than three decades, said she would be leaving on the next day along with Coats.

Gordon worked for a quarter of a century in the CIA before becoming the second-in command to the director who resigned in National Intelligence Dan Coats and was on track to succeed Dan Coats as the acting director.

Career as a military officer, resigning in the U.S. Navy in 2010. He was a commander at all levels and was a part of that of the Naval Special Warfare Command. He also was an National Security Fellow at Harvard University. I am confident that his ability to do a fantastic job!

But the demise of Gordon Coats, an experienced high-ranking official who is independent, could be thought of as an insult to the intelligence community that is already shaky about Coats departing.

Gordon was a popular choice on both sides at Capitol Hill, but critics claim Trump is wary of senior officials of an establishment that whom he’s always hoped to change into his personal image.

“I am confident in what the intelligence community has accomplished and what it is poised to do going forward,” Gordon wrote in her resignation letter, which was brief and that she addressed Trump.

“Know that our people are our strength, and they will never fail you or the Nation. You are in good hands,” she added.

Richard Burr, the Republican Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Gordon was a “truly remarkable person” who “earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues with her patriotism.


“President Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he is seemingly incapable of hearing facts that contradict his own views,” Warner stated in an interview.

However, by releasing the two public officials he has devoted to in so many weeks, the president has demonstrated that he’s not afraid of in putting his political ambitions first, even at the cost of our security.”

Federal law stipulates that, in the event that an intelligence director is fired the position, the deputy director should take over in the role of acting director.

Coats did not agree on issues with Trump on a wide range of issues when he was the official who supervises and oversees the CIA as well as the National Security Agency and 15 other US intelligence organizations.

“It has been a privilege serving with Sue Gordon to lead … the intelligence community over these past two years.

“I have had the pleasure of working with NCTC Director Joseph Maguire as part of my leadership team … and I am pleased that the president has announced that Joe will serve as acting DNI.



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