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Travis Barker enters the wellness space with his CBD Line

Barker Wellness offers a range of CBD products that can provide pain relief and stress relief. BARKER WELLNESS

Travis Barker is best known for his drumming career with Blink-182, and for his fame as a drummer. Barker told Forbes that recovery was a major issue after years of boxing, Muay Thai training, playing drums, and training for tours. Barker turned to cannabis for relief after a long and exhausting schedule took its toll on his body.

After a near-death experience in 2008, CBD pain relief was only one part of a wider lifestyle change. The drummer was flying from South Carolina to Van Nuys in a small plane on September 19. One of his tires burst and the plane crashed right next to South Carolina Highway 302. The crash resulted in four deaths, with Travis Barker and Adam “DJ AM”, who sustained serious injuries. Barker, who suffered burns to sixty-five per cent of his body, was hospitalized for 11 weeks. He also developed post-traumatic stress disorder after the accident.

After a 2008 plane crash, Travis Barker decided to put his health first. BARKER WELLNESS

Barker told Forbes that the plane crash forced him to completely change his lifestyle. Barker tells Forbes that he is now more focused on his physical and mental health and treats his body with the respect it merits. Barker says, “I couldn’t do what I do without taking good care of myself and giving my body what it needs.”


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“Living a healthy life is important to me. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without taking good care of my… [+] BARKER WOELLNESS

Barker discovered CBD (cannabinoids) early in his lifestyle change. Barker says that he tried many CBD products and many CBD brands.

Barker states that cannabis can be used for many wellness benefits. Barker says that CBD tinctures can be used for a variety of wellness benefits.

Each Barker Wellness formula is tailored to a specific need. BARKER WELLNESS

There are many CBD products available, but Barker Wellness is unique in that they use lesser-known cannabinoids such as Cannabichromene and Cannabigerol. Barker explains that there are many types of cannabinoids, each with different benefits. Barker Wellness products have specific cannabinoid properties that are suited for pain relief or recovery.

“Based on the Barker Wellness products’ cannabinoid properties, we have selected… [+] BARKER HEALTH

Barker Wellness claims that CBC can be used as an alternative to painkillers, but it does not have the side effects. CBG, on the other hand, has been shown to increase dopamine levels, which helps regulate mood, sleep, and appetite. These cannabinoid compounds are then combined with healing herbs to address specific needs.

Travis Barker’s values are reflected in the Barker Wellness line. It is vegan and vegetarian.

Barker Wellness Bath Soak is a new product that was created to be used in a specific way. It’s a great example of a unique blend. The main ingredient is broad-spectrum hemp oil extract. This has been stripped of the THC, resulting in a concentrated 15mg cannabinoid. Barker says that the Bath Soak uses a combination CBD and CBC along with essential oils and moisturizers to make it really effective. Barker refers to the essential oils. Three essential oils that are known to promote relaxation include hibiscus, bergamot, and lavender. This blend also contains moisturizing and antiinflammatory vitamin E, copaiba and daikon seeds extract.

Barker Wellness Bath Soak combines CBD, CBC and moisturizing Vitamin E with copaiba oil. BARKER WELLNESS

Barker explains that the Bath Soak is good for skin, skin, and mind. Barker’s habit of taking baths during his downtime inspired the idea for the product. “I love taking baths,” Barker tells Forbes. It’s a great way to relax, especially after a hard day.

The Sleep Tincture is a combination of CBD and valerian, two herbs that are known to promote sleep. BARKER WELLNESS

This is how Barker draws inspiration from his daily life that influences the brand’s products and ethos. Barker is a vegan and has emphasized ethical production to minimize harm to the environment. Forbes is told by Barker Wellness founder that Barker Wellness was vegan and cruelty-free because it aligns with his values.

CBD Gummies are the newest addition to the Barker Wellness range..

Barker’s plant-based diet was also the inspiration for the latest addition to his line, CBD gummies. Barker says, “I wanted to make a product that was tasty, convenient, and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.” Gummies are an excellent introduction to CBD for those who don’t know much about it. There are three flavors available, each with a different function. To reduce stress and support your immune system, the ‘Recovery” gummies combine CBD and CBC with Vitamins D3, C, and B1 while the Sleep gummies have chamomile to promote relaxation and melatonin rich wolfberry extract to aid in falling asleep.

“The Barker Wellness brand is about nurturing your entire body–your mind, body and soul,”… [+] BARKER WEELLNESS

Barker’s personal favourite? Barker’s personal favorite? The ‘Maintenance gummies. This formula combines CBD, CBG and lion’s Mane mushroom and gingko loba. These ingredients are believed to increase focus and brain function. Barker clearly needs to be on stage but these gummies are more about their taste. Barker told Forbes that the flavors were inspired by food he loves. “Organic Maintenance Gummies are my favorite flavor at the moment because I love matcha,” Barker says.



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