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To increase the power of your appearance You must get back to basics Your face is your beginning point

Your persona is created and later on in the process, your narrative structure starts by taking all the components of your character completely all the way back Ground Zero.

The way Pablo Picasso would have demanded prior to he sketched The Old Guitarist from His Blue Period or The Boy With A Pipe from his Pink Rose Pink Period – the empty canvas.

Bank of England will probably have to raise rates once more the deputy governor says

The first thing to do is that the beginning block is to concentration upon your appearance. What do you think it says to the world prior to you even begin to attach to it any Saint George as well as The Dragon heroic tale to it?

Bill Gates knows his facial archetype as “The Super Nerd and effortlessly deplores himself about the subject. In 1984, the film Revenge Of The Nerds was an exuberance of the archetype of the nerd. Of course, the “The Nerd is always one to be wearing glasses. On the other hand, Superman is Clark Kent, tipping his cap to the Nerd-dom by wearing glasses that were too big for his ‘disguise’.

Gates, like the nerd in the playground, always gets ‘tricks played on him’ and is misunderstood because he’s so off-the-Richter-scale bright, so much so, he’s almost ‘outer worldly’.

Gates make a big deal of the nerdy status of Gates when he plays in front of the crowd.

In his recent interviews with damage control regarding the link to Epstein and the method of operation for Covid vaccines and the permanent pandemic precariousness, he hypes it into a full ‘open book’ of how many people poke and push him.

“Me putting chips in arms, doesn’t make sense to me – why would I want to do that?” said the man to The Guardian.

Gates joked in an interview with The BBC in May, saying that “Only recently I’ve been out in public and some people yell at me that I’m tracking them.”

“Yes, I’m probably the most hated human being on earth He admits it all. “People will hit me with rocks and hurl rocks at me’ is what he’s publicly declaring.

This is the way it happens to “The Nerd”.

The Nerd isn’t social skills regarding themselves. It reveals to everyone how misunderstood they are. The Nerd does not shy away from expressing his opinions.

The benefit is that, in the same way the archetype of the nerdy facial also represents the super-high IQ level. This is where he receives all the ‘In spite of my inability to communicate, trust me, I really know the subject matter I’m talking about’.

This is all that’s in ‘The Nerd facial archetype.

My former client Mark Sait, the co-founder of SaveMoneyCutCarbon is a perfect example of understanding the facial archetype when promoting yourself in the media, in his instance as ‘The Super Nerd’ as well.

I persuaded BBC Radio 4 MoneyBox that they should include him in their show to talk to their listeners in the millions who saw a full webpage in Mail on Sunday for its 3,000,000 readers, with Sait being portrayed as an ‘Eco Warrior Then I got Sait on simultaneously on the BBC News Channel and BBC World Business show that reached more than 50,000,000 viewers, talking about how the BBC can save money and reduce carbon by using more eco-friendly lighting in its green room. full-page Government-funded ‘How to guide’ type ads about how you can be able to return safely to your job Covid with Sait as well as his high-tech vehicle The list is endless as the domain SaveMoneyCutCarbon was “of its time due to the frenzied rush towards Net-Zero. But mostly due to the amplifying that was Mark Sait, the CEO’s”geek” Bill Gates-like characteristics.

I increased the’superintelligent Nerd’ qualities of Sait personally transmitting the message “Nerd” through Messenger-pigeon’s face.

Sait’s brother is employed by Microsoft I said!

In order to create SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s web-based widget that connects the online sales of their green products with an ESG score to measure compliance of the company The founder of the company, who is from Cornwall, hired tech experts, The Geeks. This is the best way to describe it!

Let’s dive into the essentials.

In the event that your face had been frozen cut over the forehead and all around the face, so that the eyes, forehead, the mouth of your nose and chin were visible – how do you do, and without not saying a word, and without anyone knowing your tale – or the place you’ve gone to University and what the private members’ club (in Sait’s case, it’s the home Grown club located in London to help entrepreneurs) that you’re a part of? What does it say about your character?

Where will your face end up on a diagram of frozen emotions?

My client is who was the previous BBC dragon James Caan CBE’s face resonates in a swathe of “Omar Sharif’ more than his name who was the late Hollywood famous actor, James Caan. Omar represents the Caan The Caan, the Dragons face archetype that is inherent to the character.

John Cleese wrote all about the subject in his 2001 book along with Brian Bates called ‘The Human Face’.

“There are 6 Billion human faces and yet we instantly recognise faces that we don’t know,” he explained. “How is it that this small part of us can be such an immediate and effective way to define who we are?”

and “How do we hide our true feelings when they are written on our faces without even knowing?”

Cleese has a convincing argument that there are only 7 universally recognized facial expressions that are widely used that include fear, anger and sadness. disgust, shock and contempt.

In between are 7,000 subtle expressions.

According to me, the 7,000 “frozen facial expressions could be displayed on a grid form of Emojis ranging from angry/sad all the way to joyful/excited.

Whatever the case, whether you’re either happy, angry or sad the normal ‘frozen face is automatically encoded as a dominant emotion, regardless of whether you’re feeling the emotion or not.

Similar to Sir Paul McCartney, he’s the deeply sad-eyed Beatle regardless of whether he enjoys it or not. It’s the dominant facial expression. It doesn’t matter if he’s having either a good or bad day. He’s sad-eyed.

A&A This is how I call the prerequisite at this point. Acceptance and Amplification of your archetype of facial appearance.

Acceptance is the act of acknowledging that the fact that you are born with a certain facial archetype, however only by acknowledging this fact can you gain access to a myriad of opportunities in the media.

This was the topic of my presentation in the past for The Institute of Leadership Management. It’s your face. It’s yours forever. If you don’t alter it using aesthetic surgey which I wouldn’t suggest, you need to deal with it. Take it as it is.’

Entrepreneurs who want to increase their visibility are trying to present themselves as someone else they aren’t. They may wish to be Steve Jobs’ polo neck rather than the geeky glasses worn by Bill Gates. However, they won’t.

Recognizing the existing media treasures and working on it is the way to unlocking the treasures of media.

The other factor is Amplification. Once you’ve identified where your facial archetype is within the Emoji chart, you can amplify it to so that it will resonance. Similar to hitting the tuning fork.

It is as if you suddenly become focused after the divining rod discovers underground water, with tiny movements that suddenly become big.

Finding out your facial archetype is the way to enter the mansion’s foyer that you just walked into, opening to your next space.



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