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Title IX for High School Students: How to Protect their Rights

Every student shouldn’t be subject to discrimination based on gender or gender and denied benefits of equality based on these factors. The federal government guarantees that students in institutions of higher education receive the same quality of training and education just like every other human being. This is why these rules and guidelines have to be adhered to by any educational establishment. If a student is facing any issues that is related to sexual assault or harassment, he should contact an teacher or a high school Title IX lawyer and ensure that he receives justice promptly. The ways in that Title IX protects the rights of students in high schools are outlined below:

Sport participation

All students , males and females are eligible to participate in any type of sport and physical activities like soccer, badminton, football and more. There is no room for discrimination due to gender, sexual orientation or sexual orientation. Additionally, they are equipped with all kinds of sporting facilities like lockers, accommodation and uniforms, as well as supplies and equipment, without discrimination.

Sexual violence and harassment

Students are safe from sexual assault and violence on campus. They are protected against this conduct so that they are able to be able to study with no problem. The victim must inform authorities immediately as Title IX wants that it is reported and addressed in a timely manner to protect students from further harassment.

Cyberbullying and bullying and Hazing

Title IX protects the students from harassment in other forms. Sexual remarks, comments and other actions can cause a chaotic environment, which makes it difficult for everyone present. If any student has issues like these, he may benefit from Title IX and his rights are guaranteed under the federal law.

LGBTQ student

Students who have a preference for sexual orientation, such as transgender, gay and lesbian can be protected by Title IX. They could be subject to more discrimination based on their preference. This is why it’s essential to know these guidelines and rules prior to time, so that students are aware of their rights throughout academic session.

Titular IX to faculty

One of the most appealing aspects about the title IX system is that it’s not just for students. It includes staff as well as teachers and visitors too. It makes sure that everybody within the school’s grounds remains and secure.

For more information on your rights it’s highly recommended that you contact the top attorney in your city.



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