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This election is not just negative for small-scale businesses in the event that it opens the way to the possibility of a soft Brexit

In their wildest imagination would ever have believed that a discordant parliament was a positive outcome for small-sized businesses.

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What do we require is a strong leader who is able to rely on a large number of people to be respected in order to navigate the difficult Brexit negotiations to secure the most favorable deal.

Perhaps? What happened last night although shocking, could be a game in our favor.

The early signs indicate that the outcome could be the possibility of a soft Brexit that is exactly the dream of our small business owners wanted, but have did not even think of.

We’ve been fed the gist that an unpopular Brexit was the only option as well as that the spirited election, that many predicted would be a massive victory to Theresa May, would simply signify the agreement.

It’s not that simple. This strategy will definitely need to be discarded.

It was evident for us here on Enterprise Nation that the small business community was extremely concerned about the promises in the manifesto that this election was likely to announce.

Certain of the reforms for business included in the Conservative Manifesto represented nothing short of a comprehensive and enthralling expansion of the rights of workers under statutory law and consequently an rise in the cost and bureaucracy which is unaffordable for a smaller business community already struggling to pay auto-enrolment as well as business rates.

Although these actions could have been logical when viewed in the context of the employment models that are being used more and more with the gig economy. However, we thought that if the traditional side of business truly understood how small-sized businesses in Britain operate and operated, they could understand why offering a 12-month holiday to a highly valued member of three employees might not be feasible for small businesses.

There were reforms being considered that could have led to additional administrative burdens for already stressed entrepreneurs. This could include digital tax data requirements. This never-ending checklist even though it’s important, it’s just not feasible for a small business owner and contributes to less productivity. Based on our experience, small businesses usually help their employees naturally. However, this isn’t always the case with larger businesses in which legislative reforms are more appropriate.

Fortunately, they are most likely to go back, giving small entrepreneurs time to breathe and prepare themselves for the future opportunities.

What we didn’t want to put off were the much-needed reforms for example, implementation of Export Vouchers to boost international trade prior to Brexit and a comprehensive examination of the business rate. These will now be a secondary issue to establishing an effective government with the capacity to execute an effective Brexit agreement. This isn’t ideal, but if there’s any organization that is able to quickly in response to the rapidly changing circumstances this is the small business that are the backbone of Britain.



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