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They are among the WORST jobs to be doing in this heatwave.

The heatwave is here this week, and temperatures across the UK have topped 30 degrees over the past week, with highs of 40°C are likely in the coming week. These scorching temperatures aren’t an issue if you’re able to lounge in the sunshine, but what happens working all the day?

A new study from Health and Safety experts CE Safety uncovers the most dangerous jobs you can get during a heat wave and what the salaries for these jobs are. Although there is a legally-enforceable minimum temperature that you are allowed to be working in, the laws do not define the maximum temperature, therefore workers are required to go through even when temperatures rise up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Office workers, you don’t need it this bad.

Kitchen staff are the worst job during an extreme heatwave, earning the lowest

1. Kitchen staff such as Kitchen Porters PS19,500

There are those who think “if you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen” This is true, and this is the sad reality of kitchen porters who work around stoves and ovens this summer. There have been kitchens that have recorded temperatures as high as 55 degrees, but with no air conditioning.

2. Fish and Chip shop fryer PS20, 503

Chippy fryer workers are often placed in front of deep fat fryers baking hot which usually exceed 180 degrees. In addition Chippy workers are also accountable for the maintenance of oil inside the equipment.

3. Refuse collector PS21,135

Recent reports suggest that it’s at the moment too hot to have the collection of rubbish. The nation’s binmen face a lot of challenges at most difficult of times due to the smells that emanate from trash that people throw away. The people who collect refuse are not just subjected to physical exertion but also must take on a lot of work, which gets more intense as the warmer weather can cause the trash to become hot, and the powerful smell is released.

4. Production of poultry is operative at PS21,578

Preparing our chickens for our Sunday roast is an essential task, but it can be a challenge during the summer hot weather. The pace of work is quick and extremely intense on production lines, where workers are required to swiftly pluck and pack chickens at temperatures that exceed 20 degrees. temperatures.

5. Recycling plant operational PS22,347

Utilizing heavy equipment and sorting out endless recyclables when it’s not done correctly is a labor-intensive task regardless of the time of year, but it could become more uncomfortable when temperatures rise.

6. Crematorium assistant PS22,987

Protective suits for heat, heavy gloves, and face masks are the standard for the person who is last to take care of someone’s task isn’t as difficult to handle but what happens if there’s a heat wave coming up? The temperature of the actual chamber is around 1,800°C, which would be unimaginable to live the temperature.

7. Zookeeper PS22,977

Outdoor work is the ultimate dream job during British summertime however, not when you’re a zookeeper. There are many responsibilities that include cleaning out the entire enclosure of animals as well as carrying large bags of food items and manual labor when making improvements to the enclosures This is not a job for those with weak hearts!

8. Welder PS25,000

The day-to-day tasks of welders are the creation and repair of products using heat to bond metal. The heat generated by welding can be unbearable on its own however when it is paired with heavy-duty protective clothing and extremely high temperatures welding workers are exposed to dangers of working in hot environments, which means that their work requires naked flames , or the creation of sparks or heat.

9. London Underground transport and maintenance worker PS25,819

In the course for the Great Smoke’s activities, London Underground is boiling even during winter due to the length of tunnels. Along with uncomfortable crowd conditions, TFL operatives have to face a lack of ventilation in tube tunnels that can reach temperatures up to 47 degrees.

10. Builder PS26,297

When working on the construction site or in an environment at home Construction workers, builders and roofers are unable to avoid the heat when they’re working in the midst of a heat wave. From fixing structural damages to creating extensions from scratch, the work to be completed is always labor heavy and in direct the sun’s rays.

11. Road construction Operational PS30,764

Because of the nature of the job it is primarily outdoors , even during summer months , when temperatures rise. The operation and maintenance of large construction machinery in these conditions could be a cause of fatigue and dehydration as well as the sunburns and sunstrokes.

12. Power plant engineer PS36,421

Maintaining machinery within an a climate in which the temperature of burning substances can rise to more than 500 degrees is a difficult task in the extreme heat. Engineers in power plants are obliged to wear thick protective clothes to protect themselves and also to reduce the temperature.

13. Air conditioning engineer PS36,035

The availability of cooling air conditioning is a rarity in the UK generally only in big buildings and offices. HVAC engineers work in scorching conditions, crawling through air vents at over 20 degrees. HVAC engineers work in scorching conditions, crawling through air vents at temperatures that are above 20 degrees temperatures.

14. Steel worker PS37,287

Manual labor isn’t much any more labor-intensive than this. the typical day-to-day work of steel workers is based heavily on endurance and incorporating boiling hot temperatures to the mix can add another layer of difficulties. Workers must construct as well as install steel steel girders aswell making, welding and cut structural steel, that is, where they’re exposed of up to 2,500°C.

15. Fatberg/sewage flusher PS45,000

Images of fatbergs that are as large as buses within the River Thames frequently make headlines Imagine you are the one responsible for transporting the fatberg. Flushers have to climb through small pipes with minimal ventilation. When temperatures are extremely high, this could cause extreme discomfort, as well as smell terrible

The most difficult jobs to endure during a heatwave. the pay

What’s the negative consequences of working in extreme temperatures to the body?

According to experts in the field of health the high temperature of workplaces can impact workers in a variety of ways. In a heatwave, it could cause the body to find it difficult to control its temperature, which may cause exhaustion, dizziness and even fainting.



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