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These are the 5 best cat flea treatments and preventives in 2022

Karie Johnson, DVM veterinarian, reviewed this article and was co-founder of VIP Vet Visit. This is a mobile vet clinic in the south suburbs.

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  • The best flea treatment for kittens
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Fleas can be a problem for cats. There were few options to kill fleas a decade ago. Many safe and effective flea treatments are now available both over-the-counter and prescription.

It can be difficult to choose safe and effective products that are safe for cats. My experience in the field means that I am well-versed in all available flea products. I worked as a veterinarian assistant in animal hospitals for eight years and have treated many cats with fleas.

This guide was based on the quick product guide published by the non-profit Companion Animal Parasite Council. Three veterinarians were consulted by me for additional information on flea treatment for cats. The next slide explains how I chose products.

Talk to your veterinarian before you decide on a flea prevention for your cat. They can help you determine which type of fleas are most likely to be transmitted to your cat.

Find out more about and how Insider Reviews researches and tests home products.

Take care to read all labels. No matter which product you choose, do not use one designed for dogs. Flea products for cats and dogs are not interchangeable. Cats can become very sick from a flea treatment product.

The top flea prevention and treatment products for cats in 2022

Top-of-the-line flea prevention for cats: Revolution plus Topical Solution, $58.99 at Chewy

Revolution Plus Topical Solution is a monthly, one-time application that not only kills ticks but also prevents heartworms. It also treats and controls roundworms hookworms and mites.

Top OTC flea treatment for cats: Frontline Plus, $71.99 at Chewy

Frontline Plus is available without prescription and kills flea eggs, larvae, ticks, and chewing lint.

Comfortis Chewable Tablets For Cats and Dogs are the best flea control products for cats. Petsmart: $55.11

Comfortis Chewable Tablets kill fleas in 30 minutes. They also provide a month of protection with just one convenient flavor pill.

The best flea product for kittens is Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets. $36.99 at Chewy

Capstar Flea Control Tablets for Kittens are safe and effective. They kill fleas in 30 minutes.

Best flea collars for cats: Seresto Flea & Tick Collar, $62.98 from Petco

The Seresto Flea and Tick Collar provides eight months protection against ticks and fleas at all stages of life.

How we chose flea treatments and preventives to cats

We used the Companion Animal Parasite Council product reference guide to help us find the best flea treatments. This reference lists all FDA- and EPA-approved parasite products for small animals. It also lists the active ingredients and how they are used.

We consulted three vets for additional knowledge on flea treatment and prevention in cats: Herman Jeffer is a veterinarian at Cornwallis Animal Hospital in Durham. Ashley Bourgeois is a board-certified veterinary dermatologist at the Animal Dermatology Clinic, Portland, Oregon. Colleen Seeyer is a veterinarian at Rolesville Veterinary Hospital, Rolesville, North Carolina. Keith Harperis ameda veterinarian at VetnCare Alameda clinic in Alameda. Unless otherwise stated in direct quotations, our veterinary experts have not endorsed any of these products.

These are the main attributes that we used to assess products:

Safety and efficacy: This guide was only for FDA- or EPA approved products.

The number of parasites that were treated: Preventives that treat more parasites, rather than fleas, received higher ratings. The more parasites that a preventive product treats, the higher its rating. Capstar is the only treatment for kittens under 8 weeks old. Frontline Plus treats lice, ticks and fleas.

Product ease: Products were not rated higher if they were more difficult to use than similar products. Products ranked lower if they require the pet owner to wear gloves or if pets and children must be away from the animal being treated.

The most effective topical flea prevention overall

Revolution plus Topical Solution is a monthly application that kills fleas. It also prevents heartworms.

Pros: Prevents and kills six types parasites including deadly heartworm. Once-monthly treatment. Easy to administer. Safe for kittens aged 8 weeks or older.

Cons: Cannot kill tapeworms. Cats with neurologic disorders should be cautious.

Parasites are prevented by: Heartworms and hookworms; Fleas; heartworms; roundworms; hookworms; ear mites; three tick species



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