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The trends in house prices in Peterborough

Peterborough is a wonderful area to live in. It is home to a stunning river, beautiful parks, and lots of historical sites.

The city is referred to by the name of “City of Arts” because of the numerous art galleries. Numerous historical structures in the city showcase how life was in the past.

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People are very friendly and warm making it easy for people to make new acquaintances. The housing market in Peterborough is quite affordable, meaning there is no need to worry about spending too much on an apartment! Here are the home prices in Peterborough you must be aware of:

Overview of Peterborough

Peterborough Peterborough is an English city located situated in the East Midlands of England and the city in Cambridge shire. It is home to 215,700 and is referred to as “The Garden City because of its numerous green spaces and parks.

Peterborough was established in 1067. It was the residence of King Canute who ruled over England between 1016 and 1035. Peterborough is home to many historical structures, including the Cathedral that was built in Norman times. It has modern amenities such as Millennium Square.

The area surrounding Peterborough has seen a significant change over the course of World War II; it was once farmland however, there are now a variety of new developments, such as high-rise apartment buildings, shopping malls and offices. These developments have drawn companies from outside of Peterborough to the region; for instance there are many establishments and restaurants along a main road that is a direct route to the city’s central area.

As per The BBC, Peterborough has seen the largest increase in population over the last decade, at 17.5 percent. This is an amazing number that shows Peterborough is growing faster than the average location across the UK. The positive effects of this growth are evident in the increasing demand for housing as well as business growth and increased tax revenues.

The current house prices in Peterborough

You’ll need to move quickly when you’re looking to purchase the house you want in Peterborough. The median home price is around PS238,842. There’s plenty of competition for homes that are in short available homes.

Here’s the summary:

Detached homes — currently the most expensive kind of house in Peterborough — are valued at the equivalent of PS344,897. This means that even seeking a detached home located on the outskirts the city, it will need to shell out at least PS144,000.

Semi-detached homes are next on our list, and have an average cost of PS222,682. It’s still quite costly given the proximity of one another!

Flat or terraced houses are located on the other side of town. These properties are sold at an average of around PS193,973. They’re still less expensive than the other types of houses in Peterborough however not much.

The trends in house prices in Peterborough

The Peterborough region has witnessed an enormous increase in home prices in the past few years and it seems likely that it will continue to climb. The reason behind this is that a variety of factors have contributed to this price increase.

One of the reasons is an increase in the demand for housing as well as an increase in housing supply and an rise in demand as a result of people leaving their homes to pursue more opportunities.

If you’re planning to purchase or sell your house You should be prepared for more competition from buyers and sellers that you had before.

The purchase of a home in Peterborough

The process of buying a home in Peterborough could be an arduous task. However, if you are aware of the right places to search and what you’re looking for It’s not as difficult as it appears.

The first thing to find is Peterborough real estate lawyers who specialize in conveyancing. They’ll be able advise on the different types of properties available in Peterborough as well as the amount they’re worth, the time it takes to sell or purchase and more.

Find out what homes are going for in the area you live in by looking up websites like Zoopla and Rightmove. If similar properties were recently sold it can provide the idea as to what type of price range will suit your requirements.

After narrowing down the kind of property you’re looking for and have a rough estimates of the price contact an estate agent in the area so that they can inform you regarding any properties they have that meet the budgetary parameters you have set. The conveyancer will help you through the remaining steps.


A house purchase in Peterborough is an excellent opportunity to test the waters in the world of real estate However, it’s also an investment for the long term. This is why hiring a seasoned conveyancing lawyer is crucial to guide you through the process as smooth as you can.



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