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The Top 7 Ways to Travel Europe on a Budget

Europe isn’t cheap, however when you are able to enjoy it at a reasonable cost and comfortably, it’s one of the top travel destinations around the globe.

If you’re knowledgeable about it, you could discover flight tickets that depart from Montenegro towards Greece which are less expensive than flying across the United States. US If you’re willing to live like a local on trains, you can certainly save cash. If you’re planning for a trip to Europe with a tight budget, take a look at these suggestions and tricks to make your next European trip less expensive.

The Top 7 Ways to Travel Europe on a Budget

1) Don’t Stay in Hotels

Hotels are costly, and they’re not the most enjoyable way to explore an area. Instead, consider one of these:

  • Find a house or apartment to rent. There are many great offers on rental sites for vacations such as Airbnb or VRBO.
  • You can stay in a hostel. Hostels are less expensive than hotels, and you’ll get to know travelers from across the globe.
  • This is a great opportunity for you to get a discount and get to know locals. You can even stay with someone at no cost as long as you are a great guest (i.e. cleaning up after yourself or cooking dinner. ).

2) Take Local Transportation

Instead of spending your cash for expensive taxis, take a bus or train between cities. Not only is this method of transportation greener however, it’s also less expensive. If you’re concerned about the language barrier, don’t be the only one – most Europeans have at least a little English and you can learn new phrases prior to your trip.

One of the most effective ways to save for travel is to reserve your flights well in advance. Airlines usually release their cheapest seats around three months prior to departure. Therefore, if you book earlier you stand a greater chances of getting a lower cost. If you aren’t able to reserve that long in advance, consider making your reservations the night before. Airlines often offer last-minute deals to fill seats.

4) Consider Second-Class Trains

Trains throughout Europe are renowned for their high-quality and comfort. This is why so many travelers choose to travel on them. Booking second-class trains to travel between cities is great since it comes with all the advantages of first class seats, but it’s smaller. If you don’t need many bags, this train is suitable for those who don’t.

5) Avoid Peak Season Travel

When you travel in the high season will cost you more. This is because many hotels and airlines adjust their prices and raise rates when more visitors are arriving. The most frequent peak seasons are northern part of the hemisphere’s season of summer as well as winter. But, certain countries possess distinct seasons for peak travel. It is important to conduct your research prior to booking anything. Additionally, avoiding peak seasons can help you travel with less of people rushing around. It will also offer a more intimate experience.

6) Use Airbnb Instead of Hotels

One of the most effective methods to save money when traveling is to use Airbnb instead of hotels. You can not only get better rates on Airbnb and other sites, but you will also have more authentic experiences by staying in a home of a local. Furthermore, Airbnb allows you to book a night or a whole month, so that it is able to fit your budget and schedule.

7) Take Advantage of Free Admission Days

If you’re planning to visit museums or other attractions without paying admission charges, you should check when they are open for free admission. There are a variety of days throughout the year that admission is free , including the first Thursday of each month, as well as annual events like Museum Day in America (the first Saturday of the month of May) along with Tax Day Weekend (April 18th-20th).



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