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The top 5 causes of rideshare accidents in the U.S.

Rideshare-related accidents are increasing in the United States. They have injured many passengers on ridesharing pedestrians, passengers, and riders on other vehicles. In addition, these accidents caused deaths of pedestrians as well as passengers. Studies show that the risk of accidents is higher when a ridesharing vehicle is in use. The following five factors are the top causes of crashes involving ridesharing.

Table of Contents

  • Speeding
  • Road conditions for overdriving
  • Traffic rules that are not respected
  • Distraction
  • Violence


Speeding is recognized as the cause of many accidents involving ridesharing as well as other vehicles throughout the nation. Based on the statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration More than 9000 people die because of accidents caused by speeding each year. In addition, around 26% of accidents occur due to speeding. A study showed that it is safer if the driver is warned by drivers about the dangers of speeding.

Road conditions for overdriving

Every road has its own ideal speed limits, which drivers should be aware of. When the weather is severe and adverse, the risk of driving becomes more dangerous. So, ridesharing drivers must reduce their speed; otherwise they could cause an accident due to severe weather such as snow, rain and fog decrease visibility as well as the capacity to stop swiftly whenever they requirement to stop. Unfortunately, some drivers aren’t able to respond to these circumstances.

Infractions to traffic rules

Every driver is required to follow traffic rules like traffic signals and signs. The failure to obey the traffic rules could make the driver in the position of being negligent. If their carelessness causes injury or death or even death, they could be held legally or civilly accountable. In certain instances the multiple drivers could be at fault in an incident. When a rideshare car is injured in an collision that involves another vehicle, it can be difficult to determine if the rideshare company is responsible. Thus, car accident lawyers must be sought out to determine if the rideshare company is responsible and begin helping in pursuing the right to compensation. There are skilled legal professionals in Chicago who deal with various accidents, including determining responsibility, personal injury and property damage. Therefore the hiring of a lawyer such as this rideshare attorney from Chicago could be beneficial.


The presence of phones and passengers can largely distract riders. This is normal since they’re supposed to be engaged on the app in search of passengers. Additionally, they might be checking their phones to find directions. It’s considered to be a risk because they look at their phones when they are trying to drop off or pick up passengers in a rush.


In certain instances accidents involving rideshare vehicles are caused by violent drivers. For instance there was a scenario in which an umber driver shot six victims dead. This happens mainly when rideshare companies fail to carry out a thorough background screening. If a business is negligent in screening and an accident occurs because of this negligent act, then the company is accountable.

If a ridesharing incident occurs and a company is hailed for their inability to accept liability. It is therefore crucial to speak with a lawyer promptly.



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