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The Free Training program is great news for women without jobs in London

The social venture Women in Travel (CIC) has expanded its free mentoring and training program for women who lost their jobs because of COVID-19.

Through September 2020 Up to 90 women living in London and were laid off during lockdown could submit an application to the Women in Travel to receive free training as well as access to basic tourism and hospitality jobs in London. As part of the Women in Travel’s Female Employability Action, supported with Travel and Tourism (FEAST) initiative, the job training sessions will initially be held on the internet, with the intention to hold meetings in person once it is appropriate to take place.

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Women in Travel has also collaborated with The Global Travel & Tourism Partnership (GTTP) to provide women with additional training opportunities by participating in GTTP’s online course of 10 weeks, Introduction to Travel & Tourism A Passport to World.

The course online introduces people to the world of tourism and the way it functions. Individuals and companies interested in learning more about the FEAST training programme are encouraged to contact Alessandra Alonso (pictured) at .

In the summer months, Women in Travel will also provide online mentorship circles specifically for women who are small-scale entrepreneurs, self-employed, or in danger loss of their employment in the tourism, travel or hospitality sector due to the disease. Three mentoring circles every two months will give women in the field with an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and learn from other women around the globe.

Commenting on the extension for summer of the Women in Travel’s support measures, Alessandra alonso, the co-founder of Women in Travel said: “We know how difficult it is for unemployed women to find work at the peak of times. The COVID-19 virus has made it even more difficult.

The travel industry, tourism and hospitality have suffered a huge impact in the beginning of the year. For women who might have been laid off or may be likely to lose their income, it’s great that we’re able to continue to provide programs of training and mentorship to aid them, as well as increase the confidence and performance of those looking to be back on the job as quickly as they can.”



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