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The call center industry is in the midst of a concentration crisis

IRIS Clarity, the AI-powered voice isolation software, polled 500 call centre representatives across both the US and UK and discovered that 89% of agents feel that noise negatively impacts call quality, ability to communicate, and the time to resolution. 85percent of respondents said that noise leads to agents and customers repeatedly repeating themselves, which cost the company cash. In addition, 69% of respondents say that noise can have a negative impact on their mental wellbeingwhich is a major issue in an industry that has turnover rates of 30 to 45 percent..

The complete results of the study are available now in the research paper of the company The role of music in an increasingly digital age.

If agents work from an office or remote background noise can be an issue. The noise surrounding the agent (52 percent) and the client (37 percent) were the most significant issues discovered by agents working at an office. They also were among the top three issues (39 percent and 27 percent and 27%, respectively) for agents who work at home.

In a market that is rapidly moving toward digital technology more than half of all call center agents believe that clients are more difficult to deal with when they are compared to the pre-pandemic. Eliminating misunderstandings and repetitions could be a huge help in decreasing the average handling time and increasing customer satisfaction and alleviating stress on agents.

Jacobi Anstruther, CEO of IRIS Clarity, commented: “Background noise is a critical issue that must be addressed at work, specifically in call centers. As businesses grapple with the rapid growth of virtual communication and the pressure that it puts on productivity and well-being, it’s the right time to look at how we can improve both the customer experience and the experience for the agent. This is the reason we developed IRIS Clarity.”

With the latest technology advancements in AI, IRIS Clarity integrates with the most the most popular VoIP platforms, eliminating background noise from calls. Real-time and bidirectional IRIS Clarity lets people both sides of a call to hear clear, clear voice. IRIS Clarity keeps the focus on the important things — conversationsit gives control to insurmountable situations.

Find out more about IRIS Clarity and download the book ‘The role of audio in a digital age’.



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