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Startup Britain tracker delivers good news for British businesses each day


Beginning today, StartUp Britain’s site will show the StartUp Tracker, a reliable number of companies are being established every day across the UK providing an ongoing and easy-to-access view of the rising trend of self-starters to the world for the first time.

Emma Jones, business expert and StartUp Britain co-founder said: “It’s amazing to imagine that in the last week, alone, 8,675 people have decided to open a business here in Britain.

“We’re witnessing record-breaking number of people establishing businesses. The StartUp Tracker can provide daily boosts of confidence for those who are considering starting a business.

“We considered it vitally important to take advantage of the rising confidence in the startup sector and our tracker data will not only provide interesting reading, but we believe they can provide an Olympian boost to anyone who might get a boost from knowing that they are not the only ones!

“We think our statistics have the potential to help deliver real benefit.”

The tracker was developed by using information obtained from Companies House and interpreted for the tracker by the Made Simple Group.

Emily Savage-McGlynn unveiled her snappy cafetiere warmer business Couva Coffee Couture on Friday.

After earning an PhD of child psychologists in Cambridge University, the 34-year-old mom decided to pursue something she was passionate about, something that included creativity and using her hands.

Emily who works as a researcher at Oxford University as a researcher in child psychology, told: “I’ve been using a cafetiere for many years and I’ve always been looking for solutions to the problem of keeping my coffee hot.

Heating it in the microwave doesn’t do the same. Therefore, I came up with an amazing solution.

“It’s has a distinctive reflecting layer which keeps the coffee piping hot, and also looks chic in the process.

“I was looking forward to doing something that was enthusiastic about and love. I’m sure I’ve identified an opportunity in the market, and I’m beyond excited!”

Emily who lives in Oxford has registered her business in the last six months and has been working hard at getting ready for her launch ever since as she juggles caring for her son, who is four years old.

She stated: “I’m ready to go! I’ve created an identity as well as packaging and I’ve even scheduled the first event for the month of September!”



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