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Prisma Advertising and Credit Unions

Prisma Advertising is one of the leading companies for Out-of-Home (OOH) media solutions in Indonesia. It is a company that has been created by the inspiration of the prism, an object that disperses white light into seven natural spectrum colors. It is a very powerful tool to make advertisements pop, which is why it has become one of the most sought-after companies in the field.


Mediaocean is one of the world’s leading software platform providers for advertising. It provides an omnichannel advertising platform that gives marketers the tools to measure, optimize, and unify their cross-channel data. It helps advertisers reduce campaign launch time, streamline their billing processes, and increase efficiency. Its Prisma product includes robust campaign performance tools and an automated buying workflow.

As a leading provider of digital media, Mediaocean offers a comprehensive set of solutions for a broad range of marketing needs. The company has a global presence with six offices worldwide. Its products include Spectra, MediaMath, Optica, and Prisma for Advertisers. Its advertising management platforms are available in the cloud and offer a variety of functions to help advertisers manage campaigns.

The Prisma for Advertisers website is a resource for advertising agencies, including a dashboard, applications, and a selection of data. It also allows advertisers and brands to link their campaigns through the IAS signal. This will give both parties access to delivery and paid campaign reporting data. It will also allow advertisers to enable auto-tagging with Google.

The Prisma for Advertisers site may require registration. Mediaocean will issue passwords to authorized users. The site may contain links to other resources. The site does not endorse such sites, and Mediaocean is not responsible for their content or accuracy. It is not responsible for any damages caused by using such sites.

The Mediaocean Prisma is an automation tool that lets advertisers set up and manage their digital campaigns. It provides a dashboard and automatic campaign creation tools that let advertisers adjust campaign settings in-flight. It supports Amazon Advertising and connected TV.

The IAS and Mediaocean partnership will also improve the process for marketers to reconcile campaign data. The IAS will send back relevant invoice details to Mediaocean, helping to simplify reconciliation. In addition, Mediaocean clients can link their accounts and have their campaigns automatically created in the IAS Signal.

With the integration of these solutions, marketers will be able to increase efficiency and decrease brand risk. It will also be easier to build a common framework across the advertising industry.

CUNA Strategic Services

Prisma is no stranger to the credit union space. As part of their mission to provide an elevated member experience, they have partnered with some of the fanciest credit unions in the country. The resulting solutions are nothing short of stellar. From high end mobile banking and e-commerce to robust business lending solutions, Prisma is your go to partner for modern day lending, remittance, and deposit needs. They’re also a big fan of gamification and have done a good job of implementing a savvy culture of customer service representatives. Whether it’s a new hire or a current member, the team at Prisma has a knack for finding the best fit for the member. Using Prisma’s solutions, you can take your membership from the drab to fab in no time. A new partnership with Sunmark has put the two firms on the same page. This collaboration has the power to deliver the sexiest and most memorable credit card experience you’ve ever had. Using the latest in marketing automation technology, the two partners have reimagined the way members interact with the institution. The result is a stronger member experience, enhanced member engagement, and a more productive workforce. For more information on Prisma and their solutions, visit their website at or check them out at a live event near you. They’re also a big fan in the credit union space, with a whopping 20,000 credit unions under their belt.


Prisma is an online advertising platform that is a must have for digital marketing aficionados. It’s a one stop shop for managing all your digital spend, including your social media efforts. Using this software you can automate the creation and linking of insertion orders. It also enables you to track the performance of your most important digital campaigns. Having these metrics at your fingertips gives you the power to make smarter purchasing decisions. With Prisma, you can make the right decision, every time, irrespective of the size of your company or the size of your budget.

Having an online advertising platform such as Prisma at your disposal allows you to streamline the process of buying and selling your most important digital properties. It’s no surprise that the company is considered a stalwart in the ad industry. As of June 2014, Prisma is supporting more than 80,000 users, and has conducted over seven million transactions across its ad management platform. It also boasts one of the most extensive direct publisher partnerships in the industry. This includes OpenX, PubMatic, AOL, and iSocket. Its advertising clients include some of the largest agencies in the world. Among its ad-hoc advertisers, a whopping 70% of the adspend is managed by the savviest, most tech savvy marketers out there. Having Prisma at your disposal has some real tangible benefits, namely: a simplified ad management workflow, reduced costs and hassles, and a centralized data hub that can be used to analyze and optimize campaign performance. The Prisma name may be a mouthful, but it’s definitely a name that deserves to be emblazoned on your business card.

About the company

Prisma Advertising is one of the leading advertising agencies in Nepal. It has a full-service office in Kathmandu. It is headed by Ranjit Acharya and has a dedicated team of experienced professionals. It provides services such as media planning and buying, strategic solutions, audiovisual development, creative design and printing. It has earned a coveted list of blue chip clients.

According to its official website, Prisma has a strong commitment to provide effective communication solutions. It has a 360-Degree Brand Stewardship approach. It provides marketing support logistics for consumer promotions, market research, and social marketing product campaigns. It also records and manages the specifications of its products. Its clients have access to data from its delivery systems and receive relevant metrics. Its digital channel vendors are integrated into its core banking and campaign management systems. It aims to boost share of wallet, strengthen loyalty, and leverage customer data. Its campaigns are integrated with several third-party solutions, including data providers, digital channel vendors, and marketing automation tools.

Prisma Advertising was established on September 26, 1985. It has a total paid-up capital of less than $10,000. It is classified as a private, unlisted company. It has 47 full-time employees. It is registered in Pallimukku Cohin Idukki, Kerala. It is part of the Ogilvy & Mather global marketing communications network. It serves the Fortune Global 500 companies.

Prisma Advertising was recognized as the Best Agency in CRITY AWARDS in 2062. It won five out of ten awards. It was also presented with the ABBY Award, the most prestigious advertising award in SAARC countries. It has successfully provided advertising solutions for a wide range of brands. Its strengths include media planning, public relations, media release, and brand strategies.

Prisma’s strength lies in its ability to plan and develop campaigns. Its PR department looks after issues and crisis management, leadership positioning, employee communications, and media relations. Its production department is also a major contributor to Prisma’s success. Its Client Servicing Department is responsible for ensuring that work keeps flowing into the agency. It must also maintain a good working relationship with its clients. It is also responsible for keeping records of ads published in mainstream newspapers.



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