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Patrick Parker, Sees as the Biggest Opportunities in Web3

After having a huge successes in the SaaS industry , and helping entrepreneurs establish multimillion-dollar businesses, Patrick Parker, a tech executive who later became the director of SaaS Partners is now contemplating the Internet’s future’ a.k.a Web 3.0. Built on the blockchain, this eagerly anticipated version of the World Wide Web is expected to transform the way we view the internet. The opportunities offered through Web3, Patrick believes, are vast.

“Think of the ever-changing World Wide Web like permissions in Google Docs. Google Doc,” says Patrick Parker while explaining Web 3.0 (or Web3) in an easy-to-understand analogy. “While Web 1.0 was read-only that allowed users to read information with no involvement, Web 2.0 is read-write space, focused on interaction and the creation of content by users,” he continues. Web 3.0, however, surpasses reading-writing in that it will let users not just interact with platforms, and similar platforms of social media platforms but also develop their own, make money and safeguard their personal data.

The concept of ownership of data makes Web3 from earlier versions. The present Web2 area is mostly controlled by a small group of tech companies, mostly which include Google, Facebook (now Meta) and Twitter. If you perform some calculations and look around, you’ll find the tech giants almost covering every inch of the web. You are always under their watch under the pretense of providing users with a better internet experience.

Web3 is predicted to end these barriers since the websites on Web 3.0 will be able to communicate directly with one another and keep intermediaries such as Google as well as Facebook from being in the middle. In simple terms, the blockchain-based internet , it will allow users to own a small portion of the internet like what Bill Gates owns. Corporations could stop.

“It is an incredibly exciting time to live,” says Patrick. As with many people around the world Patrick, too, is thrilled by the possibilities Web 3.0 lays at entrepreneurs on their toes. One of these is the democratization that the Internet offers.

“Internet for people, for the people, for the people” is a good way to describe Web 3.0.

As per Patrick, the “democratized” internet will allow users to have greater control over their data and will allow them to connect to the internet without having to use a third-party provider. Some might wonder is it time to say goodbye to social media sites?

It’s a valid inquiry, but the solution is not actually.

The debate on the benefits of Web3 and the advantages and disadvantages of Web3 has caused a storm around the globe. But, one thing that is evident is that tech-savvy entrepreneurs and experts such as Patrick are quite positive and enthusiastic about the coming of an modern version of the World Wide Web. If, in all confidence, Patrick is confident for Web3 be assured that the world is headed in a revolutionary towards us.



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