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One-in-five businesses created because the entrepreneurs were jealous of the previous boss, as per new research. Entrepreneurs are eager to enjoy the freedom of running their own business.

Start My Business, a business launchpad platform, commissioned the survey of UK SME owners and high-ranking decision makers to discover what motivated entrepreneurs to launch their own business.

The study found that 20% of entrepreneurs started their own business due to being unhappy with their boss, particularly entrepreneurs who were who are younger than 35. Forty percent of them of them citing jealousy as their primary motive behind their venture.

Nearly half said they would like more control and power than they had in their previous jobs and this figure grew to 62 percent for young entrepreneurs.

It was also found that 41 percent of respondents admitted that they enjoy telling others how to act, and 36 per cent admitted that they hated having to answer to those higher than them in their previous job.

A former boss’s jealousy even spurred an idea in the last quarter of the year to think about an attempt to take over their previous company prior to the creation of the current business.

Shoaib Aslam, the founder of Start My Business, commented:”There are many motivations for entrepreneurs to start their own business. The freedom to be your own boss is attractive to many. The freedom to decide on your own and run your business in the way you like without having to answer to anyone, is a great feeling and something that every entrepreneur can benefit from.”

“But the business can’t be created by jealousy by itself. Starting a business involves careful planning, including the essential business checklists as well as studies into online tools and services for a successful start. Particularly for entrepreneurs who are young assistance and guidance from business owners who are similar to you or business mentors can be an extremely valuable resource to build a successful business from the ground and get it off the ground to expand.



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