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Office Christmas Parties Annulled and thousands of people forced to forget plans for the festive season

Office Christmas and Work Christmas parties are being cancelled all over the UK as businesses and venues attempt to predict what might or may not be allowed by the end of 2020.

Large-scale gatherings of people are likely to be restricted in the near future, and that is resulting in those who have booked big office or work events getting informed that their plans for parties are not going to happen.

“Just as we thought 2020 could not get much worse, we’ve had to cancel our Christmas party – as have many of our clients. Our party venue isn’t sure how social distancing will work, so they aren’t bothering this year – it’s too much of a risk for them” says Jonathan Ratcliffe from Office Space company Offices.co.uk

Restaurants and other venues throughout the UK depend on the bustling festive season to increase cash reserves into the slow January and February months. The restrictions placed on businesses that rely on social interaction is likely to be extremely detrimental in what is supposed to be a booming time.

awful time to run a business. this is not happening this year” says Ratcliffe

For those who aren’t able to get together in person There are plans to have a celebration of the traditional workplace and office Christmas fun with “work from home” virtual technology to spread joy to all with a ban on touching under the mistletoe till 2020!

Ideas for “Socially Distanced” Christmas Parties:

  • Virtual Drinks: Use video conferencing for work to enjoy drinks with friends or chat with your colleagues
  • Fashionable Dress Conference Calls – yes it will happen this year
  • Secret Santa – post your secret gift by post to a random coworker
  • Microwave Christmas Dinner – Enjoy a hot, burning meal in a conference call
  • Virtual wine and cheese Course Virtual Wine and Cheese Course LoveCheese.co.uk will deliver wine and cheese at your doorstep, and provide you with the virtual notes of tasting!
  • Zoom Karaoke If it wasn’t enough of a nuisance but at least you are able to disable it.


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