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Next-generation versions of iOS was unveiled on June 6, at WWDC.

iOS 16 Overview


  1. iOS 16 Overview
  2. How to Download and Install iOS 16
  3. Current Version
  4. Redesigned Lock Screen
  5. Improved Focus Modes
  6. Communication and Collaboration
  7. Camera and Photos
  8. Wallet and Apple Pay
  9. Home
  10. Health and Fitness
  11. Notes and Reminders
  12. News
  13. Maps
  14. Safari
  15. Passkeys
  16. Live Text and Visual Look Up
  17. Siri and Dictation
  18. Other Features and Improvements
  19. iOS 16 Supported Devices
  20. iOS 16 Release Date
  21. iOS 16 Timeline

Apple In June of 2022, Apple showed the latest version of the operating system for iPhones, iOS 16. iOS 16 includes new, custom-designed Lock Screens that include widgets, the possibility to delete and edit messages, better Focus modes as well as an iCloud shared Photos library for family members, significant improvements for applications like Mail Home, Mail, Wallet, and many more.

The Lock Screen is completely revamped with iOS 16. The brand new Lock Screen design is highly customizable, with a variety of options available for widgets as well as typefaces. It also has an effect that is multilayered for images as well as animation wallpapers. Users can design multiple Lock Screens, which can be linked together with Focus modes.

Notifications now appear at the lower part of the screen, to be less intrusive. Live Activity aid users in keeping on top of current events like a workout or sports match and in real-time, right through your Lock Screen. Focus modes are enhanced with simpler configuration, Focus filters connecting to specific Lock Screens as well as Apple Watch faces, and additional configuration options.

There are major updates to the Messages application that allow users for users to modify or erase messages, mark messages as read and then initiate the SharePlay session. Users are now able to seamlessly transfer Skype calls on other gadgets, and an entirely new Freeform application provides an opportunity for collaboration using the digital whiteboard.

In the Mail application, Search has been completely updated and includes new features that allow you to plan email messages, cancel delivery and get reminders to follow-up.

The Health app has added the latest features related to medicines along with it’s Fitness application is accessible to those who don’t own the Apple Watch. The Home app has been completely re-designed and improved and Safari is now equipped with passkeys as well as shared tab groups.

Notes and Reminders include new options for sorting, the Maps app features the ability to route through multiple stops and improved connection to transit cards and The News app is packed with sports-specific features. iCloud Shared Photos Library offers a simple option to share your collection of photographs with your family members, with enhancements to editing photos albums, albums, and Memories.

Apple Pay Later is a fresh way payment to Apple Pay purchases in fee-free installments. The Wallet application has new features to monitor purchases and deliveries and verify transactions using a digital IDs, and also transfer digital keys. Additionally, there are major enhancements in Live Text, Visual Look Up, Dictation Siri shortcuts and spatial Audio and much other features.

The Beta version of iOS 16 is accessible to developers as well as the public Beta testers. iOS 16 will be released officially in the fall, most likely in September.

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How to Download and Install iOS 16

iOS 16 is currently undergoing beta testing in order to give Apple time to polish the upgrade and correct any issues and also let developers develop their applications. iOS 16 is available to developers and beta testers on compatible devices today.

  • How to Install iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Beta
  • How to Install the iOS 16 Public Beta
  • How to Downgrade From iOS 16 to iOS 15

The update won’t be widely accessible until later in the year. When it’s launched during the autumn months, possibly in September it will be able to update on to iOS 16 on any compatible iPhone within the Software Update section of the Settings app.

Issues or questions are directed to the iOS 16 discussion forum in which MacRumors readers discuss the new release.

Current Version

Apple has launched 8 beta-versions that are part of iOS 16 to developers , as well as six beta versions for beta testers who are not developers.

Beta five has added the alternative to display the percentage of battery on the Status Bar of certain iPhone models, as well as a brand new Find My Sound, a new sound that plays when you ping your iPhone via Apple Watch, an audio visualization tool in the Lock Screen’s media player and modifications on the app for music, the capability to copy and delete images as well as more..

  • iOS 16: How to Display iPhone Battery Percentage in Status Bar

Beta four introduced modifications to edit and undo messages and also included functionality for the Live Activities API, introduced new wallpapers to The Home application, and added time options to undo send within the mail app. It also improved The Lock Screen notification settings and the customization interface, and added new CarPlay wallpapers as well as other.

Beta 3 added the fully-screen player for music for the Lock Screen, AFib history in the Health app iCloud Sharing Photo Library, Lockdown Mode and additional Lock Screen time font options, Lock Screen Calendar widget privacy, a brand new “Include Due Today” option for the Reminders app enhancements in The Earth Lock Screen wallpaper, an upgraded iOS version of the interface as well as an Clownfish wallpaper choice, and a brand new splash screen available for iCloud+ and the ability to use virtual cards within Safari, and more.

Developer beta two included the capability to back up data to the iCloud cloud using LTE, junk SMS message reporting for a few U.S. service providers. It also includes enhanced wallpaper design, a location dot on the Astronomy wallpaper and an “Save to Quick Note” option to save a screenshot as well as a simple removal of custom Lock Screens and the brand new HealthKit APIs as well as many more.

Redesigned Lock Screen

iOS 16 brings a completely revamped Lock Screen to the iPhone and includes widgets, the option to customize along with a new location, animation for notifications, as well as an entirely new system that allows for live-time “Live Activities.”

Lock Screen Customization

In iOS 16, users are able to create customized Lock Screens to suit their preferences. Users can easily change between them by pressing down and flicking.

Users can select a brand new multilayered wallpaper effect so that the subject is placed ahead of the date, and then change the appearance of the date and text by choosing a variety of styles and color choices. The gallery is updated with ideas for creating custom Lock Screens. These include wallpapers that reflect actual weather and weather forecasts, animated images of the Earth moon, sun, as well as emojis unusual backgrounds, images suggestions, and much more.

The Lock Screen now features widgets that are influenced by Apple Watch issues, giving details in a glance of future calendar events, conditions batteries, alarms, battery levels as well as time zones and the Activity ring’s development. Developers can design widgets for their own apps by using this WidgetKit API.

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  • iOS 16: How to Change the Lock Screen Clock to Arabic Indic
  • iOS 16: How to Display Activity Rings on Your iPhone Lock Screen
  • iOS 16: How to Change Notifications Layout on Your Lock Screen
  • iOS 16: How to Disable Lock Screen Depth Effect
  • iOS 16: How to Hide Notifications on Your iPhone Lock Screen


Notifications are designed with iOS 16 to roll up from the bottom of the screen, making sure users get an unobstructed view of their personal Lock Screen while being able to glance over notifications as they are delivered. There are several options for viewing notification messages displayed in the Lock Screen in an expanded list view, stacked view or count view. Additionally, a pinch lets users alter the layout depending on the context.

Live Activities

Live Activities are a fresh feature that lets users keep track of activities that are taking place in real-time. For instance, an exercise session, a sporting event and ride-share or food delivery right from their Lock Screen. Live Activities are in the form of a small card that is placed that is located at the lower left on the Lock Screen that persists for duration of time that the activity is happening.

Improved Focus Modes

Focus modes were added to iOS 15 in the year 2015 and have been refined and expanded in iOS 16 iPadOS 16, watchOS 9 as well as macOS Ventura. Alongside the new adjustable Lock Screen in iOS 16 and later, Each Focus mode now comes with the option of a linked Lock Screen. In addition to the methods that have been in place to activate the Focus mode, like using Control Center or by using automated methods, iPhone users can now swipe between Lock Screens to activate the appropriate Focus.

iOS 16 suggests Home Screen and Lock Screen configurations with relevant wallpapers, apps and widgets to set up the Focus mode. Users are able to directly connect the Apple Watch face to a particular Focus. The procedure of making Focus modes has improved by allowing a personalised settings experience for each of the options.

One of the major enhancements to Focuses that are included that are included in iOS 16 is Focus filters. Focus filters let users define boundaries in apps such as Calendar, Mail, Messages and Safari to limit the display of display relevant information, like an individual Tab Group in Safari, collection of calendars within the Calendar app or email accounts within Mail. With the brand new Focus filtering API for developers, they can incorporate the functionality into their apps and alter the content according to the users’ current Focus.

There are more customizable options within Focus modes, including the ability to turn off notifications from people and apps which effectively gives you the option to disable notifications rather than allowing notifications as it was for iOS 15.

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  • iOS 16: How to Limit Browsing to a Specific Safari Tab Group in Focus Mode
  • iOS 16: How to Associate a Mail Account With a Focus
  • iOS 16: How to Silence Notifications From Specific People When in a Focus Mode
  • iOS 16: How to Silence Notifications From Specific Apps When in a Focus Mode

Communication and Collaboration


With iOS 16.1, users are able to edit or remember a recently posted message for up to fifteen minutes after they sent it. They can also restore deleted messages from at least 30 days also mark conversation as not read so that they can return to them in the future.

When you mention a contact within the Messages app, you can mention suggestions that include an image of the contact within the Quick Tap bar. Apple has also revamped the voice messaging experience by introducing the Messages app, which is a separate app.

Collaboration invitations allow you to collaborate on a shared project using Messages, allowing everyone who is in the thread to be automatically added to a spreadsheet, document or project. They can also view any edits made by updates to activity at the top of the message thread. This feature is compatible to Files Keynote Pages, Numbers Notes, Reminders, and Safari and applications from third parties thanks to the messaging API for collaboration.

iOS 16 brings SharePlay to Messages which allows users to play synced content such as songs or movies, and also share playback control while you chat in the Messages application. Furthermore, a updated Shared with You API lets developers to create an Shared with You segment in applications from third parties.


FaceTime is now able to seamlessly let calls go directly from an iPhone to the Mac or iPad and reverse the process. When calls are transferred to a connected Bluetooth headsets will also be transferred onto the brand new gadget at the same time.

Live Captions on FaceTime allows users to view auto-transcribed dialogue from FaceTime calls, with speaker identification to follow easily group conversations.

SharePlay app discovery lets users to discover the apps that allow SharePlay and to open them through within the FaceTime controls. Users can also click the Share button while on the in-progress FaceTime call to begin working with other participants on the call using Keynote, Files, Numbers Pages Notes, Reminders, Safari and compatible apps from third parties.


Freeform is a brand new application which provides a movable canvas for drawing new projects as well as aggregating assets or brainstorming. Users can draw or write anywhere on the canvas , and shift the drawings or text according to the need. With the support for rich multimedia users can insert images, videos audio, PDFs, documents as well as web links, and all of them with previews inline.

Through the ability to collaborate in real-time, members are able to look at other’s contributions while they are adding content and edit. Freeform uses the messaging collaboration API in order to receive updates from collaborators within Messages conversations . Users are able to start the FaceTime phone call via Freeform.


Users are now able to schedule emails in advance and can take up to 10 seconds to rescind the sending of a message before it is delivered to the recipient’s inbox. Mail will detect when the sender did not include an important element in the message, like an attachment. Additionally, there are ways to bring back messages at any time and time by using Remind later. Follow-up suggestions will automatically prompt users to follow-up on their email if they haven’t received a reply, and include context and information through rich hyperlinks.

The Mail app is also getting major changes to search within iOS 16 by using the latest techniques to give more accurate, relevant, and comprehensive results. Users will see the most recent messages, contacts documents, as well as links when they first look up emails. The results of searches are also enhanced by automatic correction of typos and using synonyms for keywords in search.

Camera and Photos

Portait Photos and Cinematic Mode

Portrait mode allows you to blur objects that are in the background of a photograph to create an authentic-looking depth-of-field effect with phones like the iPhone 13 models. When you record videos using Cinematic modes on both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro the depth-of-field effect is more precise for angle angles, and also at the borders of glasses and hair.

Photos App

The Photos app has now added duplicate detection that can identify photos that are duplicates in albums , which can help tidy up libraries. Users can copy the changes made to the photo and paste them onto a different photo or batch of photos. It is possible to undo or redo edits made to multiple steps.

The Hidden and recently deleted album are automatically locked. They is unlocked with Touch ID, Face ID or a passcode and those who are in people’s People album are classified alphabetically.

If a video is playing in the memory of a Memory user can tap to rewind the video and then play it again from beginning to end while the music plays. Additionally, there are new types of memory that are suitable for This Day in History and children playing. There is also the option to block memories and featured Photos from showing up in Photos and Photos and in the Photos widget.

iCloud Shared Photos Library

iCloud Shared Photo Library provides an opportunity that up to six members of the family can share pictures within a separate iCloud library. Each user of the Shared Photo Library can access to upload, remove the photos, modify, or save the videos or photos shared that will be displayed in the user’s Memories as well as Featured Photos.

Users can utilize intelligent setup rules that allow them to choose to share photos they already have from their own libraries or share photos based on a specific date, or the names of the people who appear on the photo. Users can also decide to share photos with Shared Library automatically. Shared Library automatically, using an updated toggle within the Camera app. Intelligent suggestions from the Photos app to encourage users to share pictures which include people who are part of those in the Shared Photo Library.

Wallet and Apple Pay

Apple Pay Order Tracking

Apple Pay Order Tracking provides users with the opportunity to get detailed receipts and tracking of orders directly within the Wallet application to track Apple Pay purchases with participating merchants.

Digital Keys and IDs

Keys and IDs within the Wallet app are now supported with iOS 16. Users can utilize their IDs within Wallet to access apps that require authentication of identity and age. Only the required information to make the transaction can be provided to the app to ensure security and privacy. users can read and accept sharing the data by using Touch ID as well as Touch ID.

Users can also securely share their hotel, home office, car and other keys within Wallet via messaging apps, including Messages, Messages, WhatsApp and many other apps. Key permissions are easily set within the Wallet application.

Apple Pay Later

Customers in America U.S. can use Apple Pay Later to divide costs associated with the Apple Pay purchase into four equal installments spread out over six weeks. There is no charges and no interest. Apple Pay Later is built into the Wallet app, which allows users are able to easily monitor and pay back Apple Pay Later payments. Users can sign up to apply for Apple Pay Later whenever they’re checking out with Apple Pay or through their Wallet app. Apple Pay Later is available everywhere Apple Pay is accepted online or through MasterCard. Mastercard network.


The Home app that comes with iOS 16.16 makes it more convenient for people to use it to arrange the view and control of their devices, while enhancements to the core architecture give users more effective and reliable control over their smart home particularly for homes with several smart gadgets.

Users can view their entire home in a glance using the new Home tab. Rooms and the most-loved accessories are included in the main tab, allowing users to have easy access to your most used accessories. Categories for Lightings, Climate Security, Speakers, TVs, as well as Water offer an easy access to all necessary accessories organized by room as well as more in-depth information about their current status.

Up to four camera perspectives are shown front and center on the Home tab. additional camera views can be accessed by tapping. The tiles for accessories have been revamped to make each accessory easier to identify by their the shape and the color. Accessory controls can be used directly from the tiles by simply tapping their icon. Alternatively, you can tap the name of the accessory to get more precise control. New widgets added to the iPhone Lock Screen let you know the state of your home, and also access your preferred accessories directly from The Lock Screen.

An update to the software version iOS 16 will add assistance for Matter, the Matter connected home standard when it is available later in the autumn, allowing a broad range of devices that can be used seamlessly across all platforms. Matter lets users select from a wider range of compatible smart home devices and control them via Siri and the Home app on Apple devices.

Health and Fitness


The Health app also includes Medications which allows users to quickly create and manage a medication list as well as schedules and reminders as well as track and record their medicines, vitamins or supplements using custom visuals. Interactive charts aid users in understanding what they’ve consumed and offer insight into compliance with their medication.

The U.S., users can simply use their iPhone camera towards a label to add a medicine and then learn about the medication. The information on medicines provides more information, such as the proper pronunciation of its name, what the drug is for, the way it functions and the potential adverse negative effects. The Health app will also provide notifications when a medication is having an important interaction with other medication a user has added to. Users can look over important, serious, and moderate interactions on the app for Health.

Additionally, users can communicate their Health information with loved onesand make a PDF of their health records from health facilities, directly within using the app for Health.


In iOS 16 version, The Fitness app is now available to everyone iPhone users, regardless of whether they don’t have or wear an Apple Watch. iPhone users can create an everyday Move target in the Fitness app and track what their daily active calories contribute to complete the Move ring. Motion sensors on the iPhone are able to track distance, steps as well as flights that have been climbed. workouts that are downloaded from third-party apps that can then be transformed into estimate of active calories that can be used to aid in achieving the daily Move target. Users can also be able to share their Move rings with friends to give extra motivation.

iOS 16 features dedicated awards for Apple Fitness+ workouts and offers a fresh way for users to be recognized for the achievements of their Fitness+ achievements. These new awards focus on particular Fitness+ workouts and categories and can be identified by their distinctive shape.

It’s not specific the number of Fitness+ awards are up to grab, but there are awards awarded for completing the most significant number in Fitness+ workouts, both in the total number of workouts in categories and in individual categories. Fitness+ workout streaks, and the best workouts for specific categories, in addition to prizes for the first time that a new Fitness+ workout category is accomplished.

The awards are accessible retroactively after completed Fitness+ workouts that have fulfilled the requirements of an award however, users will not be able to see the awards when they have completed the subsequent Fitness+ workout.

In addition to the brand-new Fitness+ awards, Apple has also introduced new normal awards for runners who have completed milestone distances that begin at 5 km.

Notes and Reminders

Notes and Reminders both receive moderate improvements with iOS 16 and include the ability to choose to filter for one or all of the criteria within the Smart Folder, Custom Smart List and The Tag Browser.


With iOS 16 Quick Note comes to the iPhone it is now possible to create notes as a Quick Note in any app using the share menu, and Control Center. Notes that are locked can be secured using the iPhone’s password. Notes can be shared much more easily through a hyperlink.

Notes are organized according to chronological categories, such as Today and Yesterday, for ease of to reference when using the list or gallery views. The Smart Folders are enhanced to allow users to organize notes automatically using the latest and powerful filters, such as rules for Date created, Date modified shared, Mentions Checklists, Attachments Quick Notes, Folder Pinned Notes and Notes that are locked.


Reminders has now added pin lists that allow users to access their lists of favorites quicker. The time- and date-based grouping makes it easier to browse and create reminders. The Today list has been reorganized into Morning, Afternoon, and Tonight to make it easier to separate the day. The Scheduled list now has new categories for the week and month to make it easier to organize your life over the long term. The updated list groups permit users to tap the group to view an overview of all the reminders and lists they have, as well as an updated completed section gives information on the date the time when tasks were completed.

Users can add more detailed notes for reminders by using bullets, underline or bold or strikethrough text. Templates let users save their list and reuse it. Templates are shared and downloaded using an online hyperlink. Reminders now has the ability to notify users for tasks that are either added or completed on shared lists.


Apple News introduces a new “My Sports” section to effortlessly follow your favourite teams and leagues and receive news from top publications Access scores, schedules and standings for the best college and professional leagues. You can also watch highlights on the News app and follow the action with Live Events.

Users can find more in-depth coverage of local news from the top newspapers that have homepages. News from local sources is accessible in more markets. Users can locate local stories on Top Stories and the Today widget. It’s faster to get access to your preferred channels and topics using an option to customize the Favorites section of the Today feed.


Apple Maps now features multi-stop routing that lets users schedule at least 15 locations ahead and sync their routes automatically from the Mac onto an iPhone. Maps also comes with updates to transit which allow users to see how much their trip will cost and transfer transit-related cards into Wallet to check their balances, or replenish their transit cards without having to leave the Maps application.


iOS 16 offers start pages for Safari Tab Groups with customizable background images, favorites and tabs pinned. Safari also includes Shared Tab Groups to share the websites of a group with family and friends and makes it simple to add tabs and check out what others are doing on.

There are brand new web extension APIs available to developers and extensions are now able to sync across Apple devices, in addition to preference settings for specific websites. iOS 16 also adds support to translate text in web pages using Live Text. Users can change strong passwords recommended by Safari to make them more suitable to meet the requirements of a specific site. Web-push notifications support is scheduled to be available in 2023.

  • iOS 16: How to Share Safari Tab Groups


Signing in to accounts or apps within Safari is much safer using passkeys, digital keys, which are simple to use and remain on the device to ensure maximum security. Created to replace passwords, passkeys utilize Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate biometrics and iCloud Keychain allows you to sync across iPhone, iPad, Mac as well as Apple TV with end-to-end encryption. Sign in to websites and apps on other devices even non-Apple devices, using an encrypted passkey that can be scanned the QR code, and then by using either Touch ID or Touch ID to authenticate.

They can be used across applications and websites as well, and users are able to log in to apps or websites for non-Apple devices with their iPhone. The passkeys remain on the device and are confined to the site they were designed for, which makes it virtually impossible to be compromised. The private key isn’t stored on a server, so there are no worries of leaks that compromise accounts.

  • iOS 16: How to Customize Suggested Strong Passwords

iOS 16 introduces support for bypassing CAPTCHAs in compatible applications and websites. Apple’s system checks it is the devices and Apple ID account is in good condition and provides the so-called Private Access Token to the application or web site. This new system will provide users a more pleasant experience tasks like signing into and creating accounts with better privacy for users and accessibility as compared to CAPTCHAs.

Live Text and Visual Look Up

Live Text is now able to recognize the text in videos and images. Users can pause the video at any point as well as interact with the text with functions such as Copy and Paste. The information that is detected in video and images can be taken action with only a single click like the capability to track the status of shipments or flights and translate languages from other countries as well as convert currencies and many more.

Visual Look Up takes photos further by adding a new feature that lets users to hold and tap over the object of the image to separate it from background images and then drag it to applications like messages. Visual Look Up can also detect insects, birds and statues.

Siri and Dictation

In iOS 16 Siri is able to run shortcuts immediately after the app is downloaded, without needing setting up. Users can add emojis in a text message, and choose to automatically send messages and skip the confirmation step and end FaceTime and phone calls hands-free by saying “Hey,” in addition to asking about specific applications. Siri responds to more requests offline, without the need for having an internet connection in iOS 16 including Home Control (HomeKit), Intercom and Voicemail.

Dictation is a brand new experience that lets users effortlessly switch between touch and voice. Users can type on the keyboard, touch on the text field and move the cursor and even insert QuickType suggestions, without the necessity to quit Dictation. Dictation is now equipped with automated punctuation and emojis typing. In the Messages section, the icon for dictation is now present inside the Text Entry area, and dictation is simple to stop by pressing the new cursor to open a popover.



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