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My eyes were full of tears’: shooting the defining image of the Turkey earthquake

Adem Altan can’t look at the image he took on a chilly morning this week with any of the many thousands he has shot in his 41 years as a photojournalist.

Soon after driving from Ankara toward the southern Turkish town of Kahramanmaraş on Tuesday, and sifting through the fallout of the 7.8-size quake, he ran over a fell high rise.

Families were digging through the rubble looking for their covered friends and family, yet it was a man in an orange coat who sat discreetly in the midst of the garbage who got Altan’s attention.

“At the point when I looked nearer, I saw that he was holding a hand,” says the photographic artist, “so I started to take photos.”

The man was called Mesut Hançer and the hand he was holding was that of his 15-year-old little girl, Irmak, who had been killed in her bed when the shake cut the structure down. Hançer spotted Altan. And afterward he requested that he continue.

“‘Snap a picture of my kid,’ he called out. Then he let go of the hand he was holding and showed me his youngster. I saw an individual’s head under the rubble. I asked his name. ‘Mesut Hançer,’ he said. Then, at that point, I asked his youngster’s name. He was somewhat far away, and I experienced difficulty understanding. He said his girl’s name was Irmak.”

The photographic artist did as he had been asked and continued accepting pictures as Hançer took his girl’s hand once more.

“What horrendous agony, I contemplated internally,” says Altan. “My eyes were loaded with tears and I struggled not crying as I took the photos. I a tad subsequent to taking the photos, anticipating that somebody should come and remove the young lady. Sadly, nobody did.”

Altan needed to pass on Hançer and Irmak to continue recording the annihilation for Agence France-Presse, where he has worked for the beyond 15 years.

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“In any case, I was interested about what had befallen them thus the following morning, I returned to the remains where the dad and little girl had been. I don’t have any idea what has been going on with the dad. He wasn’t there when I showed up the following day nor was his little girl.”

The photojournalist realized he had taken an exceptionally strong image of the aggravation the seismic tremor had caused, yet he didn’t anticipate that it should turn out to be maybe the conclusive picture of the debacle.

“It stood out both in Turkey and all over the planet” he says. “Many individuals shared it via virtual entertainment and I received many messages making statements like ‘An exceptionally strong photo showing the aggravation of the tremor’ and ‘A photo we will always remember until we pass on.'”

For Altan, the image has taken care of its business: it shows the physical and close to home obliteration of the seismic tremor; it records a dad’s undimmable love for his girl, and it inquires: “Is there any more prominent aggravation than this?”

“I can’t contrast it and any photo I’ve taken previously,” he says. “The photograph pulled in a great deal of consideration, yes. In any case, I can’t say I’m cheerful. This is a fiasco.”

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