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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – The Best CBD Skincare Products

The pace of new launches has not slowed since rounded up the crème de la crème of CBD skincare in 2021. Mother’s Day, despite the high price tag, is a great opportunity to get a plant-based, luxurious product for her. A friendly reminder that you should order ASAP to ensure delivery before Sunday, May 8. Most brands offer expedited shipping at no additional charge.

These are the top CBD facials to give you a beautiful glow, regardless of whether you’re shopping for moms who are beauty-obsessed.


CBD 300 Body and Face Cream

Chantecaille’s first CBD product is an ultra-rich cream that combines 300mgs of broad-spectrum cannabis oil oil with powerful botanicals. This product is designed to nourish, moisturize, and cocoon dry skin. To provide extra comfort and phytonutrients, CBD is combined with an eggplant stem cell and a cannabis sativa root cell to soothe skin redness. $125 Georgia Louise for Toast

Your Grace

Georgia Louise, a British-born celebrity esthetician, has tapped Toast luxury cannabis brand for her venture into plant-based skincare. Your Grace, a blend of retinol and hyaluronic acid, is a multi-purpose evening serum-oil. It’s made in France. This bi-phase, dual-acting formula gives you the best skin possible overnight. It contains retinol and hyaluronic acids, as well as a special blend containing omega-rich botanical oils, CBD and CBG. $270,

Stay In A Pottery Barn Special

Edition Airstream In Ojai, California

House of Gro Woke and After Dark COURTESY OF HOUSE of GRO

House of Gro

Woke + After Dark

House of Gro’s Woke’s and After Dark’s duo are the first CBD products to be microbiome-friendly. They contain only 12 ingredients. Although the brand is based in Maine, its game-changing combination of full-spectrum hemp oil and rare chaga mushroom may be new to the marketplace, the science behind it dates back thousands of decades. These two ingredients work together to balance the skin’s natural microbiome, restore health, moisturizing, and vitality, for all skin types and ages. $260, houseofgro

Moia Elixirs

CBDerma Repair Nano-Fiber Mask

Jakub Mohl, a Czech Republic native, founded this brand in 2019. It is driven by science and has an in-house team that creates the most effective and clinically proven plant-based skincare. The CBDerma Repair Nano-Fiber mask is a unique dry face mask that contains vitamin C, vitamin E and PHA (gluconolactone). It provides the best skin nourishment and protection from wrinkles. $55 (5 packs), moiaelixirs


Radiance Ritual

A group of friends set out to simplify the complexity of CBD and created this all-encompassing wellness brand in London. Beyond tinctures and roll-ons, cocktail bitters, and seltzers, OTO’s all-encompassing wellbeing brand was founded by a group of friends on a mission to simplify the mystery of CBD. The Radiance Ritual Set is a three-step routine that gives you everything you need to have softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. The Cleansing Jam Exfoliator and Serum are included in the kit. They’re specially formulated to hydrate, brighten, and replenish skin while protecting it from environmental damage and UV rays. $156, otocbd

Saint Jane Sacred Night Overnight Repair COURTESY SAINT JANE

Saint Jane

Sacred Sleep Overnight Treatment

The power of cannabinoids and 0.5% retinol (with a proprietary Fine Line Complex) blends brilliantly to create a magical environment for you while you sleep with Saint Jane’s newly launched Sacred Sleep Overnight repair. The CBG and CBD-focused formula is now part of the award-winning line-up of face care products. It retains moisture and helps skin achieve homeostasis. This creates a vibrant purple color and also gives the skin more active properties that reduce hyperpigmentation. It can also retexture and plump the skin over time. $70, saintjanebeauty




SWISS1876, a new company, is based in the Swiss Alps and is surrounded by high-alpine elements. Joyce Azria is the daughter of Max Azria the late fashion designer. She was recently elected president. The Switzerland lab, where the sun’s healing radiations and glacial waters nurture their own plants, is overseen by Joyce Azria. The SWISSKISS Infuse Kit includes the best of the company’s pure products. It includes the patented CBD isolate oil drops as well as a multi-tasking eye cream, lip balm, and serum. $385, swiss1876


CBD face cream with luxury ingredients

Audrey Kirdar and Tracy Wydra, both from New York City, set out to create a CBD-forward cream for their customers. They wanted it to be luxurious and effective. Their first release, a moisturizing daily moisturizer, is silky and fast-absorbing, thanks to the collaboration of top-of-the-line chemists. It delivers the skin’s essential enhancing ingredients: hydration. It is also the first product to combine CBD with other heroes like hyaluronic acid and amino acids (to increase elasticity and reduce redness), and niacinamide, a water-soluble B3 that helps reverse signs and aging. $85, winnowskincare

Students vote on college athletic conference realignment

The past year has seen seismic changes in college sports that will have a lasting impact on athletics, funding, TV rights and the challenges of athletic conference voting.

Experts anticipate more changes to the athletic conference alignment in the wake Texas and Oklahoma’s departure from the Big 12 for SEC, and UCLA and USC moving out of the Pac-12 for Big Ten. The ALL INS Campus Democracy Challenge supports 12 athletic conference voter challenges and has some insight for conference leaders about what conference leaders can do to make the most of this cosmic realignment. What if the top priority for athletic conferences was to be the most popular in the voter register and average voter turnout?

What if we paid more attention to the student-voting powerhouse athletic conferences of New England Small College Athletic Conference ( NESCAC and Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference [ MIAC]? These conferences had 2020 conference voter turnout rates at 90.6% and 98%, respectively.

These data are based upon campus voting data from NSLVE at Tufts University’s Institute for Democracy & Higher Education. Our unsolicited recommendations for athletic directors, college and universities presidents and television executives across America will be based on NSLVE data.

Let’s look at ALL IN’s proposed athletic conference reorganization. The proposed campuses all had 2020 voter turnout rates of 75-87% and voter register rates of 90-99%. Referring to the above, the 2020 average student voter turnout was 66%. The student voter registration rate was 83%.

The Big 12 has been the most affected by the conference realignment changes. With the University of Oklahoma and University of Texas at Austin about to depart for the Southeastern Conference, we’ll begin with them. To increase the number of student voters in the conference, the Big 12 quickly added Brigham Young University to the mix, as well as the University of Central Florida, Cincinnati, and University of Houston.

The Big 12 has a fantastic opportunity to add perennial voters champions and more states that have student voters to the conference.


Big Ten Voting Challenge

The Big Ten surprised college sports fans by agreeing to include the University of Southern California as well as the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2024. These California football teams will be promoting voting in November at the chilly Kinnick Stadium of the University of Iowa and Camp Randall of the University of Wisconsin.

The Big Ten clearly wants student voters in the most diverse voting districts possible. The Big Ten should include Georgia College & State University and New College Florida to help achieve this goal.

Pac-12 Voting Challenge

The Big Ten took the Pac-12 by surprise, much like the earthquakes that shake West Coast. The Pac-12 can have options with states that have pro-voter laws in their traditional footprint. They could easily reload campuses in California, Colorado and Oregon. Washington is not a problem. The Pac-12 can still be the “Conference of Champions” by poaching Big Ten campus voting champions. The Pac-12 should add Dickinson College, Gustavus Adolphus University and Kalamazoo College to its ranks.


There are many states along the Atlantic Coast Conference’s coast that can be used to expand the ACC. The College of the Atlantic should be added to the ACC before the SEC takes over some of the best colleges and universities east of the Mississippi River.

We hope that college students will get as much attention as the voters in 2022 Midterm Elections. This includes the voting rates of college student athletes participating in the NCAA’s #ALLVOTENOPLAY.

The coaches have a crucial role in helping their student athletes develop their voting habits. More than 1,200 college coaches signed ALL INS’s Coaches Volunteer Engagement Pledge in 2020 to help their student athletes become informed and confident voters.

Campuses that participated in ALL IN had an average turnout of 3.7 percentage points higher during the 2020 election. ALL IN is looking forward to recognizing the impressive student voting results of the Athletic Conference Voting Challenges as well as all institutions involved in ALL IN.

As more universities join new conferences, we’ll be ready for the Athletic Conference Voting Challenges to be realigned. We also support colleges and universities in instituting nonpartisan democratic engagement. While we wait for future conference realignments to take place, coaches can take the nonpartisan Coaches Volter Engagement Pledge. You can register to vote, check you voter registration, or pledge to vote at AllintoVote.

More than 915 universities and colleges participate in the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge.

Ryan Drysdale

Ryan Drysdale is the Director of Impact & State Networks at Civic Nation’s ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge.



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