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Most Valuable Soccer Teams in the World

soccer (or football, or whatever you prefer to call it) is changing now. This is evident in soccer clubs.

In football in the present it’s more than teams competing against one another; it’s something like a brand battle. The clubs are brands in the present.

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The best part is that you can estimate the value of each club and then determine which one is more important. If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for then we’ve got it covered. Below is an overview of the top ten most important clubs around the world today. Warning: this list will solely consider the biggest European leagues, so MLS is not included.

10 of the Most Important Soccer Teams in the World

The top ten teams usually remain the same with the exception of shifts in position. However, that changed when the pandemic struck. Each club suffered (more than less) and there could be some unexpected candidates. Let’s dig in.

1. Real Madrid

Are people shocked? Perhaps not. The most valuable team around the globe is Spanish giant and 15-time Champions League winners– Real Madrid. They are the Spanish royal whites have the $5.1B worth, while $90 is derived from operating earnings. Their revenue is $767 million, and the one-year change of this team is 7percent.

A portion of the credit is due to the incredibly talented board members such as Florentino Perez, but the majority of the credit goes to supporters. Therefore, you won’t achieve this level of excellence without the support of people who are there for you.

2. Barcelona

The second Spanish major that is on the list may be a surprise to some, given the recent developments. Barcelona is doing extremely good in the general value. This is a great result for a team that should be to its knees in debt. This Spanish club is worth the same $5.1B as its counterpart however their operating earnings differ.

They are receiving $17 million from the department. That’s lower than their competition. Therefore, the revenue of Barcelona is $692M, which is less than the other teams. But , it appears that the club may be on the right track, and the supporters can anticipate an improvement in performance this year.

3. Manchester United

The first on the list of Premier League teams listed, Manchester United is doing quite well on the market even though the majority of fans believe that it is not. The English club is owned by the Glazer family is well-informed about their earnings and their market value.

The club is currently 3rd highest-valued in the world with a the valuation of $4.6B and revenue of $663 million. Therefore, fans might not be pleased with the club, however, from a financial perspective, Manchester United is doing exceptionally well.

5. Liverpool

The second club in the premier league in the top ten, Liverpool, has been in a good mood for quite a while. It became more prominent following their UCL victory during the 2018-2019 season and it’s certain that the club continues to be very successful. Liverpool is ranked 4th in the most valuable soccer team with the $4.45B market worth to boast. A portion of $104 million is from operating costs.

5. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich has been the most well-known German representative in major tournaments for years. The German superpower proved how confident they are in their Hexa-winning run during the 2019-2020 season. They’re not surprising to be on this list, however this ranking could be a bit higher than many would have thought.

Bayern Munich currently stands 5th on the top soccer team list. Bayern Munich has an estimated valuation that is $4.275B as per Forbes (EUR877.73M as per the Transfer Market) in addition to a profit of $726 million. The club that is owned by fans is one of the (and it is important to put emphasis on the phrase) few clubs to have performed financially well throughout the outbreak. The change of 1% may seem tiny but it is a testament to the great job this club has been keeping the financial fort.

6. Manchester City

You might have expected them to be higher up the list but that’s not the case. it is. The club, which is relatively new, is controlled by Saudi Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and has a market capitalization of $4.25B. The club’s operating profit of $156 million however the revenues are impressive. Manchester City has $766 million to boast of as their of income, and let’s face it.

7. Paris Saint-Germain

Another financial giant on the market for transfer the low position of PSG could be a shock to the fans. Its Qatar Sports Investment owned team is seventh most valuable football club around the globe with the valuation of $3.2M. The one-year increase has been a huge leap for PSG which is now at 28%, which is probably the most valuable on this list.

8. Chelsea

Chelsea is another team that is in excellent standing in the market. Chelsea has an estimated market value of $3.1B and $45 million comes from operating earnings. The club is owned by the duo of Todd Boehly as well as Clearlake Capital, the royal blues of Stamford bridge are able to boast a total revenue of $586M .

9. Juventus

The Old Lady, the only Italian club listed on this list, has a excellent market value. The club ranks as the 9th most valuable worldwide, having a the price of $2.45B. Also, the 26% 1 year change is pretty impressive on the stripe with an operating revenue of $26 million.

10. Tottenham Hotspur

Perhaps the most surprising entry on these list of players, spurs are in an even better position on the market than people believe. The club is owned by Joseph Lewis and Daniel Levy The club has an estimated $2.35B worth of market capitalization (and one Heung-Min son, but that’s a separate issue). The club’s operating earnings are $127 million.


The name of the company doesn’t always indicate a higher market value (as you’ll likely see by this listing). There are other aspects to take into consideration when formulating the value. When you’re done with this, you’ll be able to obtain additional football news between now and then.



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