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Jewish Chronicle, World’s oldest Jewish journal, is shut down due to Coronavirus

The UK’s two main Jewish news outlets, including the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish News will close due to the devastation caused to their finances by the coronavirus epidemic.

The announcement was made on Passover Eve, and was which was broken through the Guardian newspaper, which sent shock waves throughout members of the British Jewish community.

The competitors Jewish papers, who had revealed in February they were to merge, will go through liquidation, with the entire staff being who were laid off.

The two newspapers have the same each week, they print more than 40,000 pages as well as more than 500,000 page views. The readership of the two papers is estimated to be more than half the British Jewish community of over 300,000.

The JC declared in its statement “Despite the heroic efforts of the editorial and production team at the newspaper.

However, the Anglo-Jewish organization, which is owned through the Kessler Foundation, has long been in financial trouble. In June of 2019, it was granted new funding, which its Editor Stephen Pollard described as “a new lease of life” for the newspaper.

The newspaper reported it was “20 community-minded individuals, families and charitable trusts” have contributed generously for the Kessler Foundation to allow the JC to continue publishing.

The Jewish News, founded in 1997, is now owned by the Noe family. The editor is Richard Ferrer, it has also formed partnerships in partnership with Times of Israel, the Australian Jewish News and a variety of American Jewish newspapers.



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