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Jeremy Hunt faces calls to quit over ‘absolutely unlawful’ News Corp advice

In a series of revelations that were by far perhaps the most shocking day thus in the Leveson Inquiry the Cabinet Minister’s most important political advisor was found to have divulged allegedly private information on a frequent basis for a period of several months to the lobbyist who worked with James Murdoch reports The Telegraph.

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At the time, Mr. Hunt was in an “quasi-judicial” role charged with deciding the possibility that News Corporation could take over BSkyB which is an satellite-based broadcaster.

In public the media, the Culture Secretary claimed that he was working in a fair and impartial way, however the publication of his emails have led to accusations that he was secretly colluding in a shady relationship with members of the Murdoch family.

The emails were made public on Tuesday, as James Murdoch gave evidence at the inquiry.

The Prime Minister, who now has to face the prospect of fresh accusations of Tory fraud will be under pressure today to reveal if there was any disagreement in his relations with Murdoch and the conduct of his department.



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