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Jack Stands vs Ramps: Which One Should You Choose


Are you among those self-employed car owners? Do you love doing regular maintenance on your car on your own? If so then you’re likely to need at some point, you’ll require a tool that can aid in lifting your vehicle off the ground to get an improved view of the things under. It is possible to use the car ramp, or a car jack to raise your vehicle. There is a debate between car owners over which one is better. There are those who prefer car jacks, while others prefer the car ramps.

The question is which tool is best for you to perform regular maintenance on your car and oil change? The car ramps vs jack stands comparison guide will assist you in purchasing the right tool depending on your specific needs.

Jack Stands

Jack stands are small and compact, and you can easily use them in cramped spaces. They’re the best choice when you are limited in storage space within your garage. There is no need to move your vehicle to make use of these jacks. You should only put the jack in the appropriate lift points of your vehicle and then jack it up. A car jack could be more difficult to manage since you may need to climb under your car to ensure that the jack is properly placed.

In contrast to car ramps, car jacks are more flexible. They can rotate and change the tires while your vehicle is lifted by an Jack. However, if your vehicle is located on ramps, you aren’t able to do anything which involves the removal or installation of wheels.

Car Ramps

Car ramps are popular due to the fact that they are secure and easy to utilize. To access a car ramp all you have to do is pull your vehicle onto the ramps. The rams are larger than the tires of the car, making it virtually impossible to make them work. They’re also less expensive than jack stands.

However, there are some disadvantages when using a car ramp. Car ramps are only utilized on flat and hard surfaces. If you are using ramps on muddy or wet surfaces, they can slide over and harm your car as you drive your vehicle on ramps. If you do make the error of using ramps on uneven surfaces they might be bent out of shape due to the pressure of your car. Be aware that if your car is on the ground ramps can scratch the bottom of your car.


The kind of tool you will require is contingent on the task you’re required to complete. If you require an instrument for quick engine oil replacementthen you could choose car ramps because they are simpler to use and can be used more efficient. If you must rotate or change your tires, it is recommended to purchase jack stands since ramps aren’t able to be able to do the job.

It all comes to what you require. Each of car ramps and jack stands are great tools for different situations. This is why mechanics have both of these equipment in the garage.



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