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It’s happening 60 percent of Brits are “manifesting” their 2022 goals

More than two thirds of Brits (60 percent) are talking their goals into existence’ in the coming year according to new research.

The study, conducted by online printing experts instantprint and instantprint, interviewed Brits about their opinions regarding manifestation, the concept of achieving success in different aspects of life by believing visualization, affirmations, and visualisation.

The research revealed that one out of ten (10 percent) are convinced of manifesting their dreams into reality, while nearly one quarter (24 percent) believe that they “somewhat” believe in this practice because they believe that positivity and confidence bring success.

The practice of manifesting has been a cult phenomenon on social media over the past couple of years. The hashtag #Manifestation is currently attracting 13.3B viewers on TikTok and #manifestationtips has 98.3M views.

Twitter recently announced the “Tweet it into existence” 1 campaign. It has created billboards with stars “tweeting their goals into existence” many years prior to actually achieving them.

However there are some Brits are skeptical about this, with 16% believing they are unable to accomplish their goals does not relate with manifesting or the laws of attraction in any way at all.

If asked about their experiences when it comes to manifesting the results they wanted, more than one-fifth (19 percent) Brits said that they are using manifestation to reach their goals for themselves, and an additional one in eight (12 percent) utilized the laws of attraction to attain career goals.

According to research the men have a higher belief on the potential of manifesting in the form of manifesting, as 11% claim they strongly depend on this technique in comparison to 9 percent of female counterparts.

One in five males (22 percent) confessed to using this power to draw people closer to their objectives, while one of six (15 percent) helps them reach their professional goals, in contrast to 18 percent and 9% of women.

In a detailed explanation of how this technique works the Manifestation Coach Chanelle Fry stated:

It works through the law of attraction. It states that thoughts turn into things because the things we imagine and dwell on actually happens.

“The Law of Attraction says that everything in the Universe has a distinct vibration that attracts things we desire, we must raise our own vibration to be at the same frequency as ‘like attracts alike’.

“Most people realize the importance of setting goals However, often we set them on a superficial level that we don’t have any real connection between them. The difference with manifestation is that we examine these goals on a higher level, which allows us to discover the reasons behind why we want these goals. In the end, it’s about self-discovery journey and self-improvement through this process.”

But who do Brits trying to get this year?

Fitness and health were chosen as the most sought-after objectives for 2022. nearly one-in-five (19 percent) saying they’ll be their fitness goals or getting more fit over the coming year.

The research suggests that improving our career prospects is on the agenda of UK staff this year since 18 percent of UK adults will receive an increase in their salary by 2022.

Following two consecutive years of being unable to travel We’re eager to get back out to explore the world. One of eight (12 percent) of Brits are manifesting that they’ll be traveling more this year.

Achieving a promotion (12 percent) and buying a home or flat (12 percent) and getting the dream job (12 percent) were also voted as top goals.

Best Goals Brits are looking to realize in 2022.%
Inspiring you to get fitter/fitter19%
A salary increase18%
Travelling around the world/travelling more12%
Promotions at your job12%
The purchase of a flat or house12%
Finding my dream job12%
Making new acquaintances12%
Moving to a new location12%
Lotto winnings10%
Finding a long-term partner9%

The science behind manifestation, Liz Ritche, Integrative Psychotherapist at St Andrew’s Healthcaresays:

“Visualising goals will help your brain recognize the resources that it needs to assist you in achieving your objectives. Through visualization, we can imagine our actions and achieve precisely what we want.

“The notion of our purpose will trigger the neuro pathway that allows us to connect with our nervous system. This can then connect us to the emotions that are connected with the ultimate goal.

The study revealed that 8 percent of UK adults had never attempted manifesting previously, but they said that they’d be interested in trying it.



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