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If you’re on LinkedIn you must have a great profile

LinkedIn has more than 690 million users across around 200 different countries. Therefore, if in 2022 , your profile appears lacking in depth and details in your profile, you’re essentially committing career self-sabotage and dumping opportunities for employment away.

2022 has already begun to show the signs that early signs that the Great Resignation finally taking hold in the UK and the long-anticipated (but slow to occur) time of mass job-hopping has gone from an option to a certainty. Employers are aware that this prove to be an ideal moment for job seekers to seize the opportunities hidden for them. LinkedIn can be an online platform where companies and employers, influencers, and other stakeholders all reside and is the only location (if there is one) which candidates need to be.

Things that recruiters and HR would like to know

The most important thing to consider on your LinkedIn profile is that it is up to current, pertinent and concise accomplishments, experience, and work history. Many profiles are filled with lengthy War and Peace novels about project-related functions and life stories that do nothing to sell themselves as potential employees who could create the impression required for the job advertised.

On the other end of the spectrum are descriptions that aren’t detailed enough to convey any sense of your capabilities. But, in the beginning in your professional career detailed descriptions are not required.

Check that the job title and description can be easily identified (as hiring managers will typically search for these) as well as do an investigation of other profiles to identify the most important words you should utilize. Look up someone who has the job you’re looking for , and review of their page to get an idea of what you can learn from them.

When you do this, don’t ignore your the importance of character. Experience and accomplishments are important however, so is the character. A glimpse of your interests and personality on LinkedIn is a unique way to be a hit with potential employers.

Fine tuning

Seven percent more likely seen when you have an official profile picture than if you do not have. In some instances some connections won’t even take your request seriously if they don’t have a headshot. The photo can make your profile more appealing to the public and makes your appearance more appealing. It’s essential for you to post a large-res and clean profile picture in the right attire.

Be aware Always use a recent photo to ensure that people won’t be shocked when they see with you face-to-face. It’s a bit odd to meet people in person who appear twenty years older than their photos on the internet!

Similar to that they are also testimonials, and a ode to your accomplishments and confidence. It’s worth asking your former bosses, colleagues as well as subordinates, customers and even your network partners to get their recommendations . It shows confidence, trustworthiness and trustworthiness.



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