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I wish to buy YouTube views – Will my video get banned?

YouTube is a virtual community, but the actual value is in the videos and the viewers they receive. Sure, you can concentrate on generating backlinks to your website, but will anyone read the explanation or watch the concluding commercials if the content could be better? No, your marketing revolves around views.

So it comes to reason that you would desire to pay to acquire more views. Simultaneously, enterprising entrepreneurs establish firms to offer perspectives across the viability spectrum. So, is it possible to buy views? Is this safe to do? What would happen if you purchased a large number of views?

Views are from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. Several of them are superior to others. This is even visible in your analytics. Perspectives from various countries, views from various populations, and so forth.

There are two types of views: actual and bot. Real people with real opinions act like it. Bots are bots, but they frequently attempt to impersonate human people but are frequently detected. Both categories, however, have a scale.

Will the video get banned after buying YouTube views?

There are good bots and terrible bots on the bot scale. Good bots can replicate genuine activity, have accurate referral data, and frequently bypass YouTube’s filters. They are, however, a lengthy process to install and maintain; thus, they are only accessible in limited quantities. On the other hand, harmful bots proliferate due to faked information and IPs all exhibiting the same behaviours. They are inexpensive and numerous but also simple to identify and filter.

Human viewers have a comparable scale. On the low end, genuine people are “viewing” a video while seeing it. They could be users who are paid to watch videos. They could be people who come across thumbnail previews with auto-play activated, maybe concealed behind other aspects of a website. They could be contaminated by a virus that plays videos in browsing tabs off to the left of the screen, leaving no evidence other than bandwidth waste that they’re being watched.

In the centre, you get many casual viewers who watch various YouTube content but need to be more interested in what they’re doing. They watch videos in the background but do not click on links or read descriptions. Some are equipped with ad blockers, so you don’t even collect ad money from them. Nonetheless, they are opinions.

You have all of the wonderful, engaged visitors within your categories and target areas at the top. They’re ideal, but they need help finding them. You can, however! More on that in a moment.

The Effects of Purchasing Opinions

The purchasing of views on YouTube is not entirely prohibited. You can buy genuine points of view, but you can’t buy bad points of view without incurring penalties. As a result, the repercussions of purchasing views are determined by the quality and supply of those comments.

Purchasing real views is entirely acceptable and even expected on YouTube. However, whatever they mean by “buying views” in this scenario is diving into PPC marketing with AdWords. You research your demographics, create advertising, get them to your page, and get them to watch your video. Of course, this is real and viable, but because it is pricey, it is only suitable for some people who are considering purchasing views.

Buying views from redirects, pop-unders, a misleading design that masks the video and loops it, or entirely from a company like Fiverr that delivers bot/click farm views for hundreds of dollars are all horrible ways to acquire views. The following are the repercussions, in descending order of severity.

  • The views will either not be recorded or will vanish.
  • YouTube may delete your video.
  • Your account may be disabled.


You may have noticed that I never suggest you buy YouTube views (know more: for your videos for them to be withdrawn. People are paying many viewers for their competitors to remove their videos, with varying degrees of success. It occurs, although it could be more consistent and sometimes possible. Start a negative opinion campaign for no purpose, worst all because it’s illegal and unethical.



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