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Greek Foreign Minister Visits Turkey Quake-hit Region

Greece’s unfamiliar clergyman showed up in Turkey on Sunday in a demonstration of help after the nation was hit by a staggering seismic tremor seven days prior, the service said, notwithstanding a longstanding competition between the two NATO nations.

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Unfamiliar Pastor Nikos Dendias was met by his Turkish partner Mevlut Cavusoglu, as indicated by film on state-run ERT television, before they boarded helicopters to tremor hit districts.

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His appearance denotes the primary visit by an European pastor to Turkey since the quake.

The two clergymen are going to Antakya, where Greek heros are assisting with search and salvage tasks.

The service said he will likewise visit individuals from the Greek Guide Mission in the country.

Greece – – notwithstanding a background marked by competition with Turkey that returns hundreds of years – – was among the main European nations to send salvage laborers and philanthropic guide on Monday, a couple of hours after the catastrophe.

The provincial contention has been exacerbated by regional and energy debates and by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s new grandiose dangers of intrusion.

Yet, the two neighbors, which lie on seismic separation points, likewise have a practice of aiding each other in cataclysmic events.

In excess of 28,000 individuals have been killed by Monday’s 7.8-extent quake, with a large number harmed and millions remaining destitute.

A huge number of salvage laborers are scouring leveled neighborhoods notwithstanding frosty climate that has developed the hopelessness of millions now needing help.

The Greek government has up until this point sent 80 tons of clinical and emergency treatment hardware.

As per the service, the unfamiliar priest will likewise talk about ways Greece can give further help to Turkey.


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