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Four sites to stay current with Forex news

Within the Forex world when you sleep and lose, you will be a victim. In order to win the game of trading foreign currencies it is essential to stay immersed in the latest news in both political and economic as well as study charts, and you need to remain up to date with everything happening all around you.

This isn’t a place for the casual or people who are only interested. It’s high-octane and that’s why it’s only for serious traders.

With that in mind, where do you find your news sources in order to remain at the top of your game? Here are four most reliable companies that truly care about providing the top quality financial journalism.


The site was launched in 2000. FXStreet was a start in creating the most effective FX site for professional development across the entire audience regardless of knowledge and levels of competence. They wanted to provide information, develop amazing resources, and provide an excellent level of information and journalistic. If they could assist traders make better educated and objective choices in the marketplace They would have done an excellent job by providing their information.

As the site expanded, they were able to form high-flying partnerships with educators, banks and analysts, data suppliers and others, allowing them to provide the most accurate, up-to-date and pertinent information using powerful charting and tools. Along with market research, a calendar of economic events and a series of webinars that are actionable, in addition to the data and news traders who come to FXStreet receive perhaps the most comprehensive free Forex content streaming on the internet.


What we love about ForexFactory is that it not just does it collect information from all over the world and does it do an excellent job at quality control and does not allow the information stream to be contaminated. With a variety of news articles making their way into the feed each hour, it gives FX traders plenty of information to to keep up-to-date and not be overwhelmed by data. Alongside the feed’s chronological format, users to the website will find articles ranked in order of their popularity, which allows them determine which information is the most significant over the last few days.

The site is targeted towards professionals in the field of day trading and not for beginners So keep this in mind prior to making a decision to use this site as your primary resource. The primary goal of ForexFactory is to aid traders in their fight against false information, fraud and fraud by dedicating its efforts to democratizing financial information. To achieve this they’re doing an outstanding job.


If you’re in search of the most comprehensive stream of FX news that is fast and reliable, you’ll find that Forexlive is the right place to be. Every minute, updates are posted even though they’re not aggregated. It’s all delivered directly to the server that is testament to the high-quality work of their outstanding journalists. Established in 2008, it’s one of the most popular Forex trading news websites that mix live updates, opinions, commentary and analysis. The intended audience are professionals who depend on the availability of the latest news, charts tips and thorough analysis to keep ahead of the curve. If the market for foreign exchange fluctuates, it’s websites such as Forexlive which provide 24/7 support.


Since its launch in 2002, DailyFX has grown to become one of the most popular free research and news sites. Supported and operated by IG the site is an essential source of information and analysis across a variety of communities, including commodities, currencies and indexes. Every day, changes in the market are analyzed by a combination of fundamental and technical analysis based on the most recent events. The most promising chart structures and live quotes for currency are available at the website, with users able to benefit from a variety of explanations and expert advice throughout the website. While it is geared towards novice traders, they might find this site more useful in comparison to the other sites mentioned listed above.



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