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Florida Coronavirus caseload duplicates in late Walk over from the get-go in the month


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the second time in March did not update its COVID-19 case and death counts for Florida. And once again, federal and state health officials did not explain why.


But the state published its latest numbers separately, showing infection tallies more than doubling in late March.

Feds and state out of sync on COVID data

The CDC could not update its weekly COVID infection update for Florida because of a “potential technical issue,” it said Thursday. When asked Friday, CDC spokesman Nick Spinelli said to ask the Florida Department of Health. That department did not respond Friday to a request for comment either. 


When the CDC last updated its total case count for Florida on March 23, it used numbers state health officials had published the week before that. Those numbers included about 16,000 cases the CDC had not previously recorded. 

The state Health Department released its biweekly report Friday hinting at a higher statewide COVID caseload in the last two weeks of March than the two weeks before. 

1,073 hospital patients Friday. Hospitalizations have remained below 1,100 for seven weeks straight for the first time since the week ending Nov. 12. It’s far lower than almost 3,000 during the first week of January. But it’s still hundreds more than April 2022. (Source: U.S. Health and Human Services Department)




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