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Five reasons to incorporate technology into your travel program

The recovery of business travel is going, and it’s possible to be a bit chaotic in the present.

It’s not a secret there’s no doubt that travel companies are having a hard time keeping up with the rapid increase in demand. According of the International Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) June 2022 Business Travel Recovery Survey shortages in staffing as well as supply chain bottlenecks and delivery issues for services all have an impact.

There’s good news as well however. The GBTA says that more than four out of five travel agents (88 percent) are more optimistic than they did the month before; bookings are continuing to increase as a majority of vendors and TMCs (84 percent) saying that their bookings have grown month over month. Most importantly 9 out of 10 (88 percent) of GBTA buyers and procurement members think they have employees who will “willing” or “very willing” to travel on business, especially in the current economic climate.

Donna Joines, GM Corporate Traveller UK says that, after two years of low-budget travel, budgets are now under pressure. With the current high cost of fuel, a lot of SMEs are wondering if they’ll be able to take a trip once more.

The answer? If you’re looking to save money, understanding the present situation, utilizing support for travel, and having an overall more enjoyable journey It is essential to have a skilled travel consultant on your side, and with the best technology in your reach.

If you’re considering upgrading your travel program, here are five good reasons to think about a travel managing company (TMC) that combines solid experience with the latest in technology:

Smarter and faster booking

Finding and booking flights, hotels and rental vehicles that are in line with the travel policy of your business is a time-consuming process. A booking tool online is meant to make this process much easier and faster. For this, look for a tool which allows you to set up specific rules and conditions for your travel program.

Also it’s one that will present your top choices, in a matter of minutes and without the need for bookers to go through pages of “not enough’ options.

A pre-determined set of criteria will ensure that all the options available are booked and are in line with the policy – which will save you time (not to add frustration) in the process of the research, approvals, and making reservations.

Recommended spending

A good technology can also save you money If the platform is able to take your budget into consideration. The modern online tool for booking (OBTs) will calculate the recommended expenditures on things like flights and hotels, and choose the best option based on. Additionally, you’ll get an overall review of all your previous, current and future travel plans, which means you’ll be able to keep an eye on your spending without worrying about surprise later!

More choices

When you’re looking to book hotels and flights, many self-help travel bookers believe that there’s more choices available on Internet. However, this isn’t always the case.

Modern booking platforms, like Corporate Traveller’s Melon, deliver distinct travel options that other companies usually don’t (or can’t or). These include low-cost carriers as well as rail fares, and rental cars. These not only cost you less however, they can also help you satisfy the needs of even the most demanding travelers!

Exclusive rates

Did you have the knowledge that an international TMC could reduce about 10% off the total cost of your travel due to an impressive buying capability and razor-sharp negotiation abilities? For instance, the top international TMCs are backed by their own travel specialists who negotiate the most favorable rates for you that have an immediate impact on your profits.

Support is always available, whenever you need it

In terms of traveler confidence, technology is a major factor. Travel apps that are easy to use can store your itinerary; organize your all your travel documents in one location and provide you with up-to-date travel info and alerts (including delays to flights or gate change).

This kind of support that’s so valuable for Alta Genetics, an agriculture company that has frequent travellers across Europe, the Americas, Netherlands and Germany. Many times, issues arise in the evening, such as the time one of the team members found positive for Covid-19, and was not able to return after returning from US back to UK. Fortunately, the after-hours staff ensured that the passenger was looked after (no telephone lines in this case!) and then rebooked on a different flight back home.

A reliable TMC is staffed by experts in travel, with the help of technology who will assist you with your travel requirements. Our team has many years of expertise, which is the reason we’ve put their knowledge together in an toolkit for corporate travel that is designed specifically for SME. It offers tips on how to create the ideal travel policy for your company and where you can save without compromising safety for travelers and the dangers of unmanaged travel, and much more. Join now!



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