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Employees say employers should reduce the rising cost-of-living.

Recent research shows that over half of employees think their employer should offset rising living costs.

This data was collected as part of a survey of 1,000 employees. It revealed that nearly two-fifths of respondents agreed they would enjoy savings on hot drinks during commutes. Nearly half of them also said that their employer would offer discounts at coffee shops as part of their employee benefits package. This is a remarkable statistic given the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK.

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The latest Ello Group data revealed that commuters spend an average of PS700 per year on hot beverages. This is due to market data showing that the average price for hot coffee has increased 3.5% in recent months. Nearly half of commuters visit coffee shops at least once a week. Over a third spend money on coffee in their workday, with more than two-fifths saying that coffee enhances their productivity.

Employers would feel valued more by more than half of their employees if they offered generous benefits packages. 47% of respondents agree that employee benefits are more important due to the rising cost-of-living.

Michael Kalli is the managing director at Ello. He said: “It’s hard to deny that we’re a nation of hot drinks lovers, myself included!”.

“In addition the current cost of living crisis, many organisations are having difficulty attracting and retaining talent. Many turning to perks to stand out and appeal to potential new employees.”

The UK has seen record-breaking job vacancies in recent months. The UK had almost 1.3 million job openings in the three months ending April 2022. This was 630,000 more than the 2021 period.

We have worked with top UK employers to develop bespoke employee benefits plans, so we understand what it takes for a high-quality reward program that appeals to talent. Michael said that he is excited to expand Coffee Club and assist employers in offering a different perks package.



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