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Emily Eizen Designs Justice for All Campaign Inspired by The Worsley Family

This House of Wise limited edition box is designed by a multimedia artist and cannabis expert.

She is vibrant and colorful. Some even claim she could be Keith Haring’s next great artist! Emily Eizen, a cannabis advocate, is a highly-respected artist who works in the fields of sculpture, photography and modeling. Eizen’s 1960s inspired work is a testament to the beauty, freedom, and diversity that she believes are essential for equity in the cannabis industry. Eizen’s impressive portfolio of commissions and portfolio highlights her ability to adapt to diverse styles and aesthetics across all spectrums gender and sexuality.

You can also see her original artwork.

House of Wise, a personal wellness and CBD brand, chose Eizen to create a limited-edition Justice For All CBD Sampler Box and NFT in honor of 420. 100 percent of the profits will benefit LPP and the Worsley families.

Sean Worsley served in the military and inspired this design.

Eboni and Sean Worsley’s story is a familiar one: they were both arrested and entangled in the criminal justice system. They were also victim to the inconsistency of state laws (in this case, Arizona versus Alabama). They were subject to severe penalties and suffered long-lasting consequences for their livelihoods and mental, emotional and physical health. Eizen’s limited-edition packaging design was inspired by Sean Worsley’s military service. He had medical marijuana with him at the time of the arrest.

To learn more about this significant collaboration, I spoke to the artist.

The Worsleys touched you deeply when you met them…

Emily Eizen: Sean’s and Eboni’s stories moved me on many levels. I was angry at the system for allowing a group to be entangled in hardship. Eboni and Sean’s stories are my story. I feel a responsibility to bring about change through my art and platform. In our discussions about 4/20, it is crucial to place criminal justice reform at the forefront and push for cannabis clemency. With Sean and Eboni’s help, I tried to translate their experience into visual art that could reach more people and draw attention the thousands of people currently in prison for nonviolent, senseless cannabis charges.

Sardinia’s Eclectic Wine Regions – The

South, West and East

Please tell us about the packaging that you have designed…

Sean & Eboni, Founder & CEO of House of Wise EMILY EIZEN

EE: This main design was inspired by traditional camouflage, a well-known pattern, but with a fresh and vibrant aesthetic. Camo’s green is highlighted with a dark outline. This gives a subtle nod to cannabis and hemp. The Purple Heart Sean received after his service in Iraq is represented by the camo design. The camo design is printed with reflective symmetry, similar to Rorschach Inkblots. This reflects the need to treat and care for mental health as well as physical ailments. Broken chains are featured on the back of the box, which represents the thousands of cannabis-related prisoners currently in prison. They deserve to be released at this moment.

What’s the secret behind NFT?

Last Prisoner Project will receive 100 percent of all product sales.

EE: The NFT is all about how we can conscious “celebrate 4/20” while also being aware and mindful of the need for serious policy reform. It is about celebrating cannabis as mainstream and calling it mainstream.



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