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Dynamic Coronavirus cases up 20-overlay in a month, just 1% of patients need hospitalization

As indicated by BMC, on Walk 31, of the 4,349 beds held for Coronavirus patients, just 57 were involved, with a bed inhabitance of 1.31 percent. Among the 57, 41 patients were conceded in open emergency clinics and the excess in confidential emergency clinics.

However the quantity of dynamic Coronavirus cases in Mumbai have flooded 20-crease over the most recent one month, only one percent of the patients required hospitalization. At significant confidential medical clinics, beds implied for Coronavirus patients are for the most part empty, shows BMC information.

For example, on Walk 30, when Mumbai revealed 192 new cases – the most elevated for the current year – just 13 patients required hospitalization. Essentially, on Walk 31, among the 177 patients, simply 22 must be hospitalized.

On Walk 1, Mumbai had 47 dynamic cases, which rose to 937 on Walk 31. In any case, a large portion of the patients were asymptomatic and didn’t need hospitalization.

According to BMC, on March 31, of the 4,349 beds reserved for patients, only 57 were occupied, with a bed occupancy of 1.31 per cent. Among the 57, 41 patients were admitted in public hospitals and the remaining in private hospitals.

“Though the number of Covid-19 cases is rising, very few patients require hospitalisation. Most patients are stable and do not require hospitalisation,” Dr Anita Mathew, Infectious Disease Specialist at Fortis Hospital, said.

“The Covid-19 ward and ICUs can cater to the current need. If the cases increase, we would be able to ramp up rapidly,” she added.

On Saturday, Maharashtra reported 669 Covid-19 cases, of which 189 were reported from Mumbai.
The ongoing genome sequencing show that  variant XBB.1.16 is behind the spike in cases. The symptoms of the new sub-variant are almost the same as that of Omicron variant, like fever, body ache, fatigue and muscle pain among others.



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