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DOD Delivers Field Hospital to Turkey

In line with the public authority of Turkey, US Marines, mariners, fighters and pilots worked nonstop to convey a crisis field medical clinic from the mainland US to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, Feb. 22, as a component of the US’s proceeding with obligation to help overcomers of the horrendous quake.

U.S. Maritime Powers Europe, collaborating with U.S. Transportation Order, U.S. Northern Order and U.S. Flying corps Air Battle Order, worked with the conveyance of the Guard Division gave field medical clinic, with help from staffs in Kelly Field in San Antonio and Langley Aviation based armed forces Base, Virginia.
Spotlight: Assistance
“We are answering the solicitation for help from the Turkish government to give a basic clinical capacity while the Turkish government remakes,” Brig. Gen. Andrew Priddy, telling general, Team 61/2, said. “I’m glad for the impressive skill with which the group has answered help our Turkish partners and companions who are experiencing the seismic tremor’s demolition.”

U.S. administration individuals, relegated to U.S. sixth Armada’s Team 61/2, are working in line with the Turkish Service of Wellbeing through the U.S. Organization for Global Advancement to guarantee the medical clinic is laid out and functional in the territory of Hatay, quite possibly of Turkey’s most seriously affected region.

The field clinic is furnished with a trauma center, two working rooms and an emergency unit with fundamentally required clinical supplies, 100 beds and hardware to guarantee the usefulness of the medical clinic.

The Marines of TF 61/2 and pilots from 39th Air Base Wing will set the medical clinic up throughout seven days, starting Feb. 25 and will surrender the office to the Turkish Service of Wellbeing once complete. When turned over, the clinic will give Turkish clinical experts extended capacity to keep giving basic and dire medical services to the residents of Turkey affected by the staggering tremors.

TF 61/2, under functional control of U.S. Maritime Powers Europe and U.S. sixth Armada, is answering the lethal 7.8 and 7.6 size quakes that crushed Turkey on Feb. 6. Hours after the tremor, U.S. Marines and mariners laid out a forward emergency reaction tasks focus at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, in close coordination with U.S. interagency accomplices and Turkish authorities.

For over 80 years, U.S. Maritime Powers Europe-U.S. Maritime Powers Africa has manufactured key associations with partners and accomplices, utilizing a groundwork of shared values to protect security and steadiness.



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