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HONOLULU, Howdy – A Hilo occupant got a skunk in a snare yesterday while endeavoring to get mongoose on his property in the Keaukaha region. The skunk is accepted to be the one that was spotted by stevedores at Hilo Harbor on Dec. 7, 2022 and has evaded catch in spite of different escalated night look through by the controllers from the Hawai’i Division of Horticulture Plant Quarantine Branch (HDOA-PQB) and the U.S. Division of Agribusiness – Natural life Administrations (USDA-WS).

The previous morning, Chris Owens of Laehala St. went to look at traps he set to get mongoose that were assaulting his chicken coop and tracked down the skunk in one of the snares. He reached authorities and monitors from HDOA-PQB were dispatched right away and recovered the skunk which must be put down to test for rabies at a central area research facility. Owens had just started catching mongoose this week and said he involved teriyaki chicken as trap.

On Dec. 7, 2022, stevedores at Hilo Harbor revealed the locating of a skunk as a freight transport was being dumped. The following day, a skunk was accounted for close to Hilo Air terminal and a fast reaction group including HDOA-PQB and USDA-WS put out numerous snares, night-vision cameras and led night look through throughout the span of a long time, yet the skunk was not spotted or caught. The group then moved the pursuit exercises to the close by Hilo Depot in the event that the skunk moved there yet the skunk was not located there.

On January 28, a skunk was accounted for going around the Naniloa Green on Banyan Drive and on February 1, a skunk was accounted for in Keaukaha. HDOA-PQB staff answered every one of the resulting sightings leading night searches and laying out snares, yet no indications of a skunk were distinguished.

“We are lucky that Mr. Owens had the option to contain the skunk which has been escaping catch for a long time,” said Sharon Hurd, executive of the Hawai’i Leading group of Farming. “Since skunks are nighttime creatures it made it more hard for staff to find this one. It takes us all to safeguard Hawai’i.”

Skunks are precluded in Hawai’i. They are enthusiastic egg-eaters and would represent a danger to Hawai’i’s local ground-settling birds in the event that they become laid out. They occupy the central area U.S., Canada, South America, Mexico and different regions of the planet. In the U.S., they are perceived as one of the four essential wild transporters of rabies, a lethal viral sickness of warm blooded creatures that is many times sent through the chomp of a tainted creature. Hawai’i is the main state in the U.S. what’s more, one of a handful of the spots on the planet that is liberated from rabies.

Live skunks have been recently spotted by stevedores and caught at Honolulu Harbor in February 2018, January 2021, July 2021, June 2022. On Maui, a live skunk was caught at Kahului Harbor on December 2020 and one was caught at a shipping organization in August 2018. Likewise on Maui, the Branch of Land and Regular Assets caught a skunk at Kanahā Lake State Untamed life Safe-haven in August 2022. All recently caught skunks have tried negative for rabies.

Sightings or catches of unlawful and intrusive species ought to be accounted for to the state’s complementary Vermin Hotline at (808) 643-Bug (7378).



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