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Cowboys restructure Brandin Cooks’ contract

The Texans consented to pay $6 million of Brandin Cooks’ $18 million compensation before the exchange to the Cattle rustlers.

The Cowpokes since have rebuilt the agreement.

They will turn $8 million of Cooks’ $12 million base compensation into a marking reward, Todd Bowman of ESPN reports. His compensation presently is $4 million.

Cooks will count $6 million as a detriment to the Ranchers’ compensation cap.

Cooks is under agreement through 2024 with a base compensation of $8 million next season.

He joins the Cattle rustlers after three seasons in Houston, which went 11-38-1 in his time there. The Cattle rustlers dominated 12 matches every one of the beyond two seasons.

“I was unable to be more eager,” Cooks said Monday. “The most recent three years is what it is, yet I let you know when you step into a storage space like this and an association, and you got those three years of experience like that, I mean, that fuel is simply certainly powering the fire to have the option to get over here and appear and assist my group with winning. I can hardly stand by. I really can’t.”



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