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Celebrities with tiny flower tattoos as fashion accessories

Today is National Tattoo Day. This day is observed annually to honor tattoo artists, their history, and the importance of tattoos in pop culture.

It can be difficult to choose your first tattoo design. They are permanent pieces of art that will remain on your body for the rest of your life. You don’t need to have a full back to get inspired for National Tattoo Day. You can find subtle, elegant designs for flowers that make a subtle impact. It’s easy to look to celebrities who have flower tattoos to get inspiration.

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This summer’s hot girl trend has been about flower tattoos. Many fashion models, including Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Vanessa Hudgens, have shared their tiny flower tattoos. Many people have flower tattoos such as roses, daisies or lilies.

Jinju Kim, who is a Seoul-based tattoo artist, believes that flowers are the most versatile and safest type of ink.

A flower tattoo by JooJoo


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He said that celebrities require a lot of image adjustments to suit the circumstances of their jobs. Small flower tattoos are an easy solution that everyone can get.

Kim said that the rose is the most well-known flower tattoo. Although it may sound cliché, many famous stars have this flower inked. Scarlett Johansson has a large tattoo on her back with roses and thorns while Bella Hadid only has one rose above her left elbow.

Tiny roses and daisies by JooJoo


The rose is a strong flower and suits everyone because of its romantic symbolism. The daisy is currently the most requested flower for tattoos. Inked in yellow and white, the daisy flower is simple and charming.

Many artists have daisy tattoos. To honor Rena Lovelis’ sister, musician Nia Lovelis, Nia has a daisy ink on her arm. Dev has another daisy tattoo on her right arm. The daisy tattoo is also worn by Foxes, a British singer. He says, “I think daisy Tattoos go well with every part of the body.”

A daisy tattoo by JooJoo


Inking flowers on the neck or back is the most popular place to get a tattoo of flowers. Kim said that it is not recommended to ink the area unless you wish to show it.

He said that another popular place for flower tattoos would be on your ankle or forearm. You can hide your tattoo by placing it on your ribs or hour hips. Your decision is up to you whether to share your flower tattoo with others.

Among the Korean celebrities with flower tattoos are Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, who has a rose tattoo and Baek Yerin, who has a huge rose tattoo that runs across her waistline.



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