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Burberry donates surplus fabrics to fashion students as part of the ReBurberry Sustainable Initiative 

In partnership with the British Fashion Council in 2020, the ReBurberry Fabric Initiative promotes a circular economy. It allows Burberry to donate surplus fabrics to students in fashion, which saves them from going waste. Today, the beloved British brand announced the second donation to the program.


The initiative has donated more than 12,000 meters of fabric, from past Burberry collections, to over 30 fashion schools and universities across the U.K. – from the Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Brighton. There is a common belief that the goal of this initiative is to increase creativity and reduce waste. Students are encouraged not only to have a 360-degree creative vision that includes their designs, but also when it is sourcing materials, production, and operational methods. This will help them to create a forward-thinking, sustainable approach to fashion that will serve as a blueprint.

We are proud to once again be working with British Fashion Council to support emerging talent. We can all make our industry a better place by equipping students with the tools and materials that will help them express themselves. Nicole Lovett is Burberry’s Responsibility Programme Director.

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Burberry is a great partner of ours. This will ensure that students have access to the highest quality fabrics. “Creative talent is the heart of the industry. We are proud of our top-ranked colleges – it is a privilege to be able to offer these students such opportunities.” Caroline Rush, Chief Executive of British Fashion Council

Burberry expands the ReBurberry Fabric Programme with a second donation to schools through the BFC TheIrresistible Hotel Bel-Air.



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