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Brits Own A Pair Of Lucky Pants

Posted on Jan 17, 2018

Nearly a quarter of all the superstitious Brits have a pair of lucky pants, according to new research.

A survey of 22,000 UK adults conducted by the online gaming site, Wink Slots, revealed that 26 percent of Brits have a lucky charms that they wear to bring success.

Pants have been the most popular wearable lucky charm, with an astounding 24% of people say they own the item, while an additional 17% of people own the lucky item of jewellery.


1 out of 10 (11 percent) are lucky to own a pair of socks. Eight percent own a pair of lucky shoes. And 5% claim to have an item that brings luck.

Some of the most popular occasions for people to wear such items are: an examination (81 percent) or an initial date (72 percent) or a job interview (34 percent) and sporting events (66 percent).

Of the people surveyed 74% said that they’d never dispose of their lucky piece and one in five (19 percent) won’t wash the lucky item.

59% said wearing their lucky piece helped them feel more confident in stressful situations.

The Wink Slots spokesperson stated that

A lucky charm could give its wearer luck by improving confidence and lifting spirits, which can lead to improved decision-making.

“First dates, examinations or job applications are certainly stressful and even the most confident individuals feel anxious at times. So, if slipping on some lucky pants makes them feel at the top of their game and they feel confident, then it’s positive. .”

Sheffield Residents were more likely possess an item of clothing that was lucky as 34% had lucky charms, in contrast to only 6percent of residents who live in Wolverhampton.

65percent of the millennials (18to 30) confessed to having one of those pants that is lucky.



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