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Brits are urged to purchase newspapers as the industry is facing its biggest crisis’

Britons are being encouraged to buy a paper as the media grapples “with the biggest existential crisis in its history”.

The newspaper industry is under greater strain due to the coronavirus epidemic as advertising revenue has fallen and a decline in circulation.

The month of July may be a ‘lull before it gets stormy’ for retail as well as consumers

Two of the biggest UK publishers have reduced the wages of their employees in the most recent round of measures to lessen the negative effects of the recession.

The Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) who owns The Mail, Metro and the I newspaper titles and has announced the same pay cut to any staff who earn more than PS40,000 per year.

And Reach and Reach, who own The Mirror and Express papers, announced that employees will be getting the loss of 10% or more because of the steep declines in circulation and advertising.

In The Times, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said: “Newspapers are at the core of the British media and are essential to the vibrant mix.

“People across the nation are embracing the coronavirus threat. I’d like to suggest adding one thing on our agenda purchase a newspaper.

“Despite the immense disruption that the coronavirus lockdown has caused for the making and distribution of news, the people employed in the business have shown commitment to continue the program running.

The brand was also asked to stop “ad-blocking” on online news stories about the pandemic, and let their ads be displayed alongside COVID-19 news articles.

“National local, regional and national newspapers are in immense financial stress, mostly due to the soaring cost of commercial ads on their printed pages as well as websites.



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